Alpha & Omega

A bit of a diversion from music/teaching here, but fascinating nonetheless. I caught today’s episode of Radio 4’s Case Notes en route home today where I heard, for the first time, a clear explanation of why Omega 3 fats are essential for the brain – for learning, memory, concentration and behaviour; how evolution played its part in our requiring them; what, if anything, supplements can do for us once we are formed. This topic begins at 11:00 in the broadcast which you can find here.

2 thoughts on “Alpha & Omega”

  1. Having followed this debate for some time now, I too enjoyed the succinct explanation of trans fats, essential fatty acids/omega 6/omega 3. But can anyone tell me in what form one should eat oily fish? Is fresh better than frozen? And what about tinned? Are the fats damaged by the process of being tinned? Despite reading every article I can on the subject, I have never found an answer to this question. Not being a scientist, I would very much appreciate some assistance.

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