NBHS Christmas Concert(s)

Try as it might, the snow did not manage to disrupt this year’s NBHS Christmas Concerts on Mon 13 & Tue 14 Dec. We lost rehearsal time during the week of blanket closures. Even when pupils returned, not all could get in and some of those relying on buses missed another rehearsal. However, thanks to a bit of give and take between schools, some replacement rehearsal time was found and the Guitar Ensemble turned in two of their best performances to date. I was particularly pleased with the sensitive phrasing in the Sicilienne by Paradis – not for the want of my droning on about this topic, I can assure you – still, worth it in the end – I hope you agree.

Sicilienne Merry Christmas Everybody

2 thoughts on “NBHS Christmas Concert(s)”

  1. a performance of music that seems to describe the beauty
    of Christmas. No tinsel or plastic, just sensitivity, care,
    and love of musical sound. Wow…see what I am missing
    on a Friday afternoon rehearsal in my old room.
    It is so nice to hear a lovely tune like that.
    tell the kids it was ‘magic’…
    best wishes to them all and their clever teacher of course.

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