Lesson Support Pages

These pages will contain:

  • information for pupils and parents about lesson content
  • a guide to home practice (primary and secondary levels)
  • extra material for exams
  • a glossary of technical concepts used in lessons

Danza Mora Page 1     Danza Mora Page 2

2 thoughts on “Lesson Support Pages”

  1. For the next lesson is there any chance i could get tabs for all parts of Bohemian Rhapsody? Me and your old aquaintance Graham Williams are going to attempt to play it all together, or something along those lines. Cheers

  2. Ruaraidh

    Your grammar is shocking! Surely that sentence should read, “Your old acquaintance, Graham Williams and I are going to….” 🙂

    Do you mean the duo version, which is quite a handful, or the quartet version, which is precisely 8 handfuls?

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