A Guide To Home Practice For Parents

In the interests of brevity, this page has been divided into two versions – one for the parents of primary pupils, and one for the parents of secondary pupils. There are many features common to both versions.

You can navigate your way to the appropriate one from the page titles on the right of your screen.

One thought on “A Guide To Home Practice For Parents”

  1. Dear Mr. Coady:
    I’ve been searching globally for tab on Dick Gaughan’s “Now Westlin WInds” and saw that several guitarists requested your tabs. May I be so bold as to request this of you? I’ve earnestly tried to noodle it out in DADGAD, but I haven’t the talent and decidedly, not the ear. Please, Sir; if you will. I’m planning to play it at a Spring wedding of a young couple ‘ere long.
    Humbled by true expertise and with great admiration,

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