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  1. Hi Alan

    At last I have begun to learn the guitar. I seem to be progressing but I am unsure about my sitting postition, posture and the correct hold for the instrument. Can you give me some advice. Hope all is well with you. The mad season approaches.



  2. Hi Ann,

    I’ll give you a ring (or perhaps meet up) rather than try to write down the details here. In the meantime, a basic guide for the right-handed person would be:

    1. sit towards the front of the chair
    2. left foot on the footstool
    3. right foot on the floor
    4. both heels down
    5. right arm draped over the highest point of the curve of the guitar’s body
    6. limbs relaxed at all times – remember, the power is in the technique – not the person.
    7. allow the right hand to hang in front of the strings
    8. as for the left, simply bend the elbow and allow the fingertips to approach the strings. The thumb (positioned vertically) opposes lightly from behind
    (like a treacherous back-bencher).

    That’ll be 15 guineas please!


  3. Hi Mr Coady,I have been practising with your the play along files it was really helpful but I thought Wonderful World was a bit fast but everything else was fine.I will try not to speak as much when you are speaking (lol) Thanks again Eilidh McPherson Campie School P5a.

  4. Hi hows it going.I have been practising the titanic its real fun.See u on Monday!Katie Sutherland Hook Campie School p.5.a

  5. Mr Coady, I have listened to the Rivers of Babylon and My Heart Will Go On and I am going to practice with my dad and I have learned the last four lines of titanic thanks

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