Any Questions?

A page where pupils, who have a question which arises between lessons, can keep in touch. Parents are also invited to post questions. Senior pupils wishing to help out less experienced pupils are welcome to contribute.

All questions and comments need to be posted through the comments box.

Important – if you are a pupil, please leave only your first name, year and school. This is standard internet safety procedure. These details will be enough for me to know who is writing (remember there are well over 100 of you).

7 thoughts on “Any Questions?”

  1. Not so much of a question – more of an apology!!

    I can’t make the Showcase event on Friday night as we have a family gathering which I MUST attend. Hope all goes well. How about some video/audio clips on your blog??

  2. Hi Mr Coady,
    Its Steven Howie here I am sorry I won’t be able to play at the Grammar on 19th June as I will be in Egypt on holiday, and don’t get back until 23rd June. Sorry but i hope it goes well.

  3. helo its ruaraidh, i need to know the name of this tune you want me to play this week, the chords im playing, and what night it is so i can get of work if needs be.

  4. Hi Ruaraidh

    The tune is called Girl From Ipanema, I’ll post the chords at the top of the Guitar Group Parts. The event is Wednesday 1 Oct – and you (along with Callum, Andrew and Calum if he’s keen to take part) should see Mr Paterson as soon as you can.

    Thanks for doing this.

  5. Hi Mr Coady

    James’ (NBHS s1) guitar has obviously bitten the dust finally so please could you go ahead and let us have details of how to get a new one as discussed Many thanks.

  6. Dear Mr Coady,

    I have an interview for an extra days work at a job I have been doing for 18 years, there’s a perfomance too. Any suggestions?

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