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Connect 5

Circular Practice

The interface between the practice of forms and combat in tai chi is known as pushing hands – a repetitive two-person exercise. The idea is to build up sensitivity to the shifting weight of the opponent and to use this against them – pretty much as in judo and aikido.
In real life, when the push/strike comes, you parry this to one side and then smite the opponent with

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Connect 4

…sorry, couldn’t resist that title.

The Periodic Table

For right handed guitarists, that hand is relatively straightforward. The left hand is the complex one due to the multiplicity of techniques required. Within the first few lessons, pupils will have come across the following techniques:

  • Press (the string – to make a note)
  • Release (the string – to access the open note)
  • Relax (the pressure, staying on that string while playing another)
  • Re-press (the original finger on its string)
  • Plant – (a finger on a note before playing)
  • Transfer (pressure to the planted note)
  • Lean (on one note, so that another note can stop without all notes coming to an abrupt end)

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Beginner’s Mind

I have always thought it essential to keep in tune with the beginner’s mind experienced by our pupils. This is not straightforward. Although I can claim to know what they are going through, I can’t truly feel it. I need another field in which to experience not being in control of the speed of things or being unable to see the underlying structure of the subject. A reminder of the unrest that such feelings can cause is not readily available to me on an instrument I have played for 35 years.

So, I have decided to try to learn to speak Polish. I know nothing of Slavic languages and so the beginner’s mind element should be present. It may also prove helpful one day as well as being an enjoyable challenge.

Only An Expression

In this season of reporting, the word technique features extensively and there are two points worth considering:

  1. what do we mean by technique?
  2. technique is the servant of expression

At some point in everyone’s life it is pointed out to them that educere has more to do with bringing things out in people than putting them in. The same is true of technique. This does not mean that I think everyone is a born guitarist but rather that the movements required are very natural. I would contend that Continue reading Only An Expression