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Arranging 8

There is one extremely ironic spin-off from spending time on putting an arrangement together, adding as much technical help as possible and  deliberating over layout issues such as the placement of rehearsal marks. You never need look to at the music, leaving one free to spot the under- and over-active eyes of the profoundly lost. Continue reading Arranging 8

Arranging 7

To TAB or not to TAB

Tablature is an ancient system of notation for fretted string instruments where horizontal lines represent the strings and numbers placed on these lines represent the chosen fret. Many guitar teachers use only TAB viewing notation as a disincentive. The problem here is that non-readers (of notation) can communicate only with other guitarists. Many teachers use notation exclusively, regarding TAB as a form of cheating. My view….. Continue reading Arranging 7

Arranging 6

Idiot Proof

I thought I had stumbled upon something great recently in Sibelius (score writing software). Under normal circumstances I keep a separate log of which pupils are playing which part in an arrangement. This helps to ensure a balance and is a great help later on when devising a seating/walk-on plan for concerts. I decided to try a new approach. Continue reading Arranging 6

Arranging 5

One overlooked layout decision – a thousand repeated sentences. (Ancient proverb from the Province of East Lothian).

Publishing houses have some advantages over instructors when arranging ensembles for schools:

  • Not teaching 50 lessons per week
  • Having in-house proof-readers to spot errors in the notes, fingering, position markings, expression marks and matters of general layout – known in the trade as geography. Continue reading Arranging 5

Arranging 3

There can be few composers/arrangers who use pencil & paper in preference to software. There are many reasons for this:

  • having written the score (conductor’s version showing everyone’s notes), the parts (what each individual player sees) are extracted automatically and do not have to be written individually when writing for a large ensemble this is a saving of dozens – if not hundreds – of hours
  • ease of rewriting sections or fixing errors Continue reading Arranging 3

Some Music Has Bars

This is a dual-purpose entry hoping to:

  1. experiment with “links”
  2. launch a plea for the freeing-up of barred websites

While preparing pieces for submission to the SQA this week (see The New Higher), I hoped to check the accuracy of a version of a “Little Prelude” by Bach. I tried to log onto a favourite site of
guitar midi files but found this was barred because the word “entertainment” featured somewhere. Continue reading Some Music Has Bars