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I Don’t Believe It!

The end of the Festival brings to a close a period of the year where meeting many new people in a short time is unusually common (for Edinburgh). As ever, conversations get round to, “what do you do?” and when I disclose that I am a guitar teacher in schools, one response crops up more than any other, “we never had guitar when I was at school.” If it’s semantically possible, I find the incredulity unbelievable. In the time since many such purveyors of astonishment left school, we have: Continue reading I Don’t Believe It!

Music Has No Bars

Music Has No Bars

I had a reminder from Roger Montgomery, this year’s examiner from The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, about a forthcoming TV programme featuring his daughter, Ruth. Despite being diagnosed as deaf at the age of three, Ruth pursued her interest in music, becoming a flautist and instrumental teacher.

The programme, entitled See Hear, features her trip to St. Petersburg to play a flute concerto with a local orchestra and will be broadcast in two parts Saturdays – 20th and 27th at 12:00 on BBC2. to see a video preview of these programmes under the title Music Has No Bars