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Only An Expression

In this season of reporting, the word technique features extensively and there are two points worth considering:

  1. what do we mean by technique?
  2. technique is the servant of expression

At some point in everyone’s life it is pointed out to them that educere has more to do with bringing things out in people than putting them in. The same is true of technique. This does not mean that I think everyone is a born guitarist but rather that the movements required are very natural. I would contend that Continue reading Only An Expression

Music Has No Bars

Music Has No Bars

I had a reminder from Roger Montgomery, this year’s examiner from The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, about a forthcoming TV programme featuring his daughter, Ruth. Despite being diagnosed as deaf at the age of three, Ruth pursued her interest in music, becoming a flautist and instrumental teacher.

The programme, entitled See Hear, features her trip to St. Petersburg to play a flute concerto with a local orchestra and will be broadcast in two parts Saturdays – 20th and 27th at 12:00 on BBC2. to see a video preview of these programmes under the title Music Has No Bars