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Connect 5

Circular Practice

The interface between the practice of forms and combat in tai chi is known as pushing hands – a repetitive two-person exercise. The idea is to build up sensitivity to the shifting weight of the opponent and to use this against them – pretty much as in judo and aikido.
In real life, when the push/strike comes, you parry this to one side and then smite the opponent with

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Thither page

Quicker to get off the ground than the Pupils’ mp3 Performance Page will be the Guitar Group Support Pages (on your right). One of these, will include all the parts of an arrangement (notation and tab, where appropriate) so that pupils can access parts other than the one they have been assigned. The idea is to broaden their knowledge of the piece and also to give them more idea of how arrangements are put together. Many will go on to submit “inventions” in SQA exams and exploration of this type should prove helpful.

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Arranging 5

One overlooked layout decision – a thousand repeated sentences. (Ancient proverb from the Province of East Lothian).

Publishing houses have some advantages over instructors when arranging ensembles for schools:

  • Not teaching 50 lessons per week
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