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Updated 4 May 2018

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Before beginning, why not make use of this user-friendly online guitar tuner? Simply click the R beside each peg and note will Repeat until you have tuned the string so that it matches.

Session 2017/18

Campie Leavers’ Medley 2018

Campie Leavers’ Medley 90

Campie Leavers’ Medley 100

Campie Leavers’ Medley 110

Campie Leavers’ Medley 120

Campie Leavers’ Medley 130

Campie Leavers’ Medley 140

Campie Leavers’ Medley 160

Campie Leavers’ Medley 170

Campie Leavers’ Medley 180

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 2018

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 90

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 100

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 110

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 120

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 130

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 140

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 150

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 160

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 170

Wallyford Leavers’ Song 180

Scottish Medley for Spring Concerts

Scottish Medley 100

Scottish Medley 110

Scottish Medley 120

Scottish Medley 130

Scottish Medley 140

Scottish Medley 150

Scottish Medley 160

Scottish Medley 170

Scottish Medley 180

Scottish Medley 190

Don’t Know Why for Showcase 2018

Don’t Know Why

Oblivion for Showcase 2018


Melodie for Showcase 2018


Let It Go (from Frozen) for Christmas Concerts at Knox, MGS, NBHS

Let It Go 40

Let It Go 50

Let It Go 60

Let It Go 70

Session 2016/17

Afton Water – O Sol de Outuno MGS (Flutes) Play-along File

Dad’s Army Theme for NBHS WW2 Cabaret – Wednesday 14 June at 19:00

Dad’s Army 60

Dad’s Army 70

Dad’s Army 80

Dad’s Army 90

Dad’s Army 100

Dad’s Army 110

Don’t Stop Me Now – for Spring Concerts

Don’t Stop Me Now 90

Don’t Stop Me Now 100

Don’t Stop Me Now 110

Don’t Stop Me Now 120

Don’t Stop Me Now 130

Hungarian Wedding Dance

Hungarian Wedding Dance 180

Hungarian Wedding Dance 200

Hungarian Wedding Dance 220

Hungarian Wedding Dance 240

Hungarian Wedding Dance 260

Hungarian Wedding Dance 280

Hungarian Wedding Dance 300

Hungarian Wedding Dance 320

Hungarian Wedding Dance 340

Hungarian Wedding Dance 360

Bohemian Rhapsody – there are four files – each one features one part as the loudest so you can play along





Port Na pBucai

Port na pBucai

Mary MacMahon of Ballanahinch & Miss Lyons










Christmas 2016 – Quanno Nascette Ninno a Bettleme







Session 2015/16

East Lothian Guitar Ensemble


choro-70 choro-90 choro-110 choro-130 choro-150

Pavane Pour Une Infante Defeunte

Blackwells 100   Blackwells 110   Blackwells 120 Blackwells 130   Blackwells 140   Blackwells 150   Blackwells 160

Pavane Pour Une Infante Defeunte

Pavane Pour Une Infante Deunte


Sleigh Ride for Knox, MGS, NBHS Christmas Concerts

Sleigh Ride 100   Sleigh Ride 110   Sleigh Ride 120   Sleigh Ride 130 Sleigh Ride 140   Sleigh Ride 150   Sleigh Ride 160   Sleigh Ride 170 Sleigh Ride 180   Sleigh Ride 190   Sleigh Ride 200

Session 2014/15

East Lothian Guitar Ensemble

Blues for Conrad

Blues for Conrad 70 Blues for Conrad 80 Blues for Conrad 90 Blues for Conrad 100 Blues for Conrad 110 Blues for Conrad 120

Maria de Buenos Aires

maria-de-buenos-aires-100   maria-de-buenos-aires-110   maria-de-buenos-aires-120   maria-de-buenos-aires-130   maria-de-buenos-aires-140   maria-de-buenos-aires-150


Passepieds 100   Passepieds 110   Passepieds 120   Passepieds 130   Passepieds 140   Passepieds 150   Passepieds 160   Passepieds 170   Passepieds 180


Session 2013/14 East Lothian Showcase Concert (Wed 19 March – tickets on sale now from Brunton 0131 664 2240) Here are the tunes in the order we will play them at the concert Gymnopédie Gymnopédie 060   Gymnopédie 070   Gymnopédie 080   Gymnopédie 090   Gymnopédie 100   Gymnopédie 110 Natalia from Natal Natalia from Nathal 070   Natalia from Nathal 080   Natalia from Nathal 090 Natalia from Nathal 100   Natalia from Nathal 110   Natalia from Nathal 120 Oblivion 2014 02 05 Oblivion Haggis Medley Haggis Medley 100   Haggis Medley 120   Haggis Medley 140   Haggis Medley 160   Haggis Medley 180   Haggis Medley 200     Session 2012/13 For NBHS and MGS – Note: as you know the number in the title indicates the speed and so 130 is faster than 90. However, as the tune has a slow introduction, it’s only from the verse onwards that you’ll notice the changes For Knox – Cavatina Cavatina 60   Cavatina 70   Cavatina 80   Cavatina 90 For East Lothian Guitar Ensemble Capricho Catalan 40   Capricho Catalan 50   Capricho Catalan 60   Capricho Catalan 70    Capricho Catalan 80   Capricho Catalan 90   Capricho Catalan 100 Don’t Stop Me Now 90   Don’t Stop Me Now 100   Don’t Stop Me Now 110   Don’t Stop Me Now 120   Don’t Stop Me Now 130 Session 2011/12 Morenita do Brasil (for MGS Summer Concert – Thu 21 June at 19:30 in MGS) Morenita do Brasil 80   Morenita do Brasil 90   Morenita do Brasil 100   Morenita do Brasil 110   Morenita do Brasil 120   Morenita do Brasil 130   Morenita do Brasil 140   Morenita do Brasil 150   Morenita do Brasil 160   Morenita do Brasil 170   Morenita do Brasil 180 Afton Water/O Sol de Outuno Afton Water 80   Afton Water 90   Afton Water 100   Afton Water 110 East Lothian Showcase (tunes in the same order as they will be on the programme) Sebben Crudele 2012 03 12 Sebben Crudele 060   2012 03 12 Sebben Crudele 070   2012 03 12 Sebben Crudele 080   2012 03 12 Sebben Crudele 090   2012 03 12 Sebben Crudele 100 Downtown/It’s Not Unusual Downtown concert speed minus 50%   Downtown concert speed minus 40%   Downtown concert speed minus 30%   Downtown concert speed minus 20%   Downtown concert speed minus 10%   Downtown concert speed Afton Water/O Sol de Outuno Afton Water 80   Afton Water 90   Afton Water 100   Afton Water 110 Malagueña 2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 080   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 100   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 120   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 140   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 160   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 180   2012 03 12 Malaguena for Showcase 200 NBHS Burns Supper (Fri 4 Feb @ 19:00) Corn Rigs Corn Rigs 70 Corn Rigs 80 Corn Rigs 90 Corn Rigs 100 Corn Rigs 110 Ae Fond Kiss – may I respectfully recommend that you listen to the version recorded here: East Lothian Guitar Ensemble Rondo Rondo 70 Rondo 80 Rondo 90 Rondo 100 Rondo 110 Rondo 120 Rondo 130 Rondo 140 Rondo 150 Rondo 160 Birdland Birdland 100 Birdland 110 Birdland 120 Birdland 130 Birdland 140 Birdland 150 Bohemian Rhapsody (snags fixed!) Bohemian Rhapsody performance speed minus 40 percent   Bohemian Rhapsody performance speed minus 30 percent   Bohemian Rhapsody performance speed minus 20 percent   Bohemian Rhapsody performance speed minus 10 percent    Bohemian Rhapsody performance speed NBHS – Spring Concert Carrillion Carrillion 50 Carrillion 60 Carrillion 70 Carrillion 80 Carrillion 90 Carrillion 100 Maria de Buenos Aires (seniors only) maria-de-buenos-aires-100 maria-de-buenos-aires-110 maria-de-buenos-aires-120 maria-de-buenos-aires-130 maria-de-buenos-aires-140 maria-de-buenos-aires-150 Musselburgh Grammar School   Session 2009/10 MGS & NBHS Merry Christmas Everybody Merry Christmas Everybody 100 Merry Christmas Everybody 110 Merry Christmas Everybody 120 Merry Christmas Everybody 130 Merry Christmas Everybody 140 Merry Christmas Everybody 150 Merry Christmas Everybody 160 Merry Christmas Everybody 170 Merry Christmas Everybody 180 Merry Christmas Everybody 190 MGS – Summer Concert (Thursday 24 June) Maria de Buenos Aires maria-de-buenos-aires-100 maria-de-buenos-aires-110 maria-de-buenos-aires-120 maria-de-buenos-aires-130 maria-de-buenos-aires-140 maria-de-buenos-aires-150 Berceuse Berceuse 60 Berceuse 70 Berceuse 80 Berceuse 90 Campie Concert for P4s (Mon 21 June in the Hall) Each tune appears many time. There is a different number in the titles. The low numbers are slow – the high numbers are fast. Start with the slow ones. The P6/P7 part should sound in the right speaker – the P5 part should sound in the left speaker. If you have any questions, look for the any questions link on the right of your screen. Click this, and when the page changes, write your question and it will come to me. Favourite Things (twice through – 4 bars intro before each verse) favourite-things-100 favourite-things-110 favourite-things-120 favourite-things-130 favourite-things-140 favourite-things-150 favourite-things-160 favourite-things-170 favourite-things-180 Ye Banks & Braes (twice through – 4 bars intro before each verse) ye-banks-and-braes-70 ye-banks-and-braes-80 ye-banks-and-braes-90 ye-banks-and-braes-100 ye-banks-and-braes-110 ye-banks-and-braes-120 Any Dream Will Do (5 clicks before you start – P7s abd P6s have 3 notes before P5s begin) any-dream-will-do-80 any-dream-will-do-90 any-dream-will-do-100 any-dream-will-do-110 any-dream-will-do-120  

East Lothian Guitar Ensemble

  Chameleon chameleon-70 chameleon-80 chameleon-90 chameleon-100 (remember that the passages which sound “empty” will feature improvised solos on the concert – I’ve left them empty so that the pupils concerned can practise improvising with these files) Vivaldi Concerto – 2nd Movement vivaldi-for-showcase-23 vivaldi-for-showcase-27 vivaldi-for-showcase-30 vivaldi-for-showcase-33 Work Song work-song-90 work-song-100 work-song-110 work-song-120 work-song-130 work-song-140 School Ensembles   NBHS and Knox Guitar Ensembles Choro

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  1. Thanks for your comment, James. I’m glad you find the files helpful – it certainly seems to have helped your group playing. Good luck with your leadership role in the concerts next week!

  2. hi mr coady

    i was gonna get the midi for maria de buenos aires so i could practise but i can’t find it on this page! can you please help? maybe im just not looking properly but it just evades me! you did say it was on here, right?

    rachel (s1 mgs) 🙂

  3. Apologies, Rachel – I really must learn that intending to do something and the feeling that you’ve already done it require some action in between – like actually doing it! I’m putting the files up now. May I recommend attendance at Friday rehearsals as a helpful back-up to you obviously dedicated home practice? 🙂

  4. You could try saving the file(s) and then retry playing. If it’s Windows then right-click and choose Save As. You could also ask Mr. Dickson for advice. I spoke to him about this problem the other day. Good luck.

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