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The first recordings took place on Monday 20 Nov in Campie and Wallyford Primary Schools. There were a few reasons I decided to start experimenting with recording in the primary sector:

  • they responded with the most glee at the suggestion
  • larger group lessons (than in a secondary) would mean fewer cases of nerves
  • less exam pressure (external and SQA) affords us the luxury of more time

There are a few things I would hope might go better in the future:

  • a technical glitch resulted in the loss of a very good solo P7 performance
  • the balance of pupils’ tune and my accompaniment was not always ideal
  • having experienced the distractions which can come about as a result of nerves, a few pupils might put in a little more time
  • a change of strings might enliven some recordings

Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the experience immensely including, for some reason, introducing the personnel and items – which was all done without autocue! Without it getting in the way of teaching, I hope that this will become a regular feature.

Please navigate your way to the individual page for each school to hear the recordings.

6 thoughts on “Pupils’ mp3 Performance Pages”

  1. Thanks for the compliment, Sam. I’ll pass it on to the pupils who played on the recordings (although 3 of them have recently left, as they were in S6 at the time of recording). Feel free to visit the Guitar Group rehearsal (Wed at 13:05 in Mr J’s room) if you want to see all the players in action together.

  2. Hiya mr Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tis rachel here HI how ya doin? i LUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRVE my giutar even though i cant play it very well but who cares?
    Anyway, how do you get music sheets? because the ones you give us for Spring musical evenings look like you made them on the computer and i want to be able to make them too!
    P.S on monday tell me if you got this message.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Rachel. Please don’t be too critical of your playing – remember you were the only one to volunteer out of the blue and weren’t expecting to be playing a solo that day. Anyway, there’ll be more chances this year to make new recordings.

    You’re right about the music sheets. They’re produced on computer using a program called Sibelius. The full version is quite expensive but there is a student version which you can see here: http://www.sibelius.com/products/sibelius_student/index.html

  4. Loved listening to the guitar playing, great work guys, keep it up.

    Heather Harvey (Jake’s mum)

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