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updated 1 Feb 2011

Session 2010-11


Heather – My Heart Will Go On

Heather – London’s Burning


Blinera, Hannah, Siobhan, Elyssa, Cameron – In The Moonlight

Blinera, Hannah, Elyssa, Siobhan, Cameron – 1st String Melody – In The Moonlight

Amy, Hannah, Luke, Drew, Louis – O When The Saints

Amy, Hannah, Luke, Drew, Louis – Spanish Dance


Emily, Morven, Katy, Dylan Daniel – Chinese Tune

Katy, Morven, Emily, Dylan, Daniel – Merrily

Session 2008-09

Concert for P5 pupils given by Campie PS Guitarists from P5, P6 & P7.

P5 Solos:

Rebecca – Prelude rebecca-prelude Lewis & Stewart – Tunes 5, 6, 9 & 10 lewis-stewart-tunes-5-6-9-10 Heather – Chinese Tune heather-chinese-tune Cameron – In The Deep cameron-s-in-the-deep Beth – Jungle beth-jungle

P6 Solos:

Sarah – The Star sarah-the-star Eilidh – O When The Saints eilidh-o-when-the-saints Leanne & Alison – In The Moonlight/1st String Melody leanne-alison-in-the-moonlight-1st-string-meldoy Cameron – Song of the Mountains cameron-song-of-the-mountains

P7 Solos:

Alice, Louise & Rachel – Symphony Theme rachel-louise-alice-symphony-theme

Group items (featuring pupils from all three year groups):

Ca’ The Yowes ca-the-yowes-campie Bonnie Lassie O bonnie-lassie-o Campie Blues (improvised solo by Louise) campie-blues Flintstones flintsones

Campie PS Guitar Group

Ca’ The Yowes Campie-ca-the-yowes Bonnie Lassie O Campie-bonnie-lassie-o Flintstones Campie-flintstones


Amy, Beth, Stewart, Vicky: Chinese Tune amy-beth-stewart-vikcy-chinese-tune Chinese Tune as a round amy-beth-stewart-vicky-chinese-tune-as-a-round In The Deep amy-beth-stewart-vicky-in-the-deep Open String Tunes at top speed amy-vicky-stewart-beth-open-strings-top-speed

Cameron, Heather, Lewis, Rebecca:Chinese Tune as a round cameron-heather-lewis-rebecca-chinese-tune-as-a-round In The Deep cameron-heather-lewis-rebecca-in-the-deep Needing A Rest cameron-heather-lewis-rebecca-needing-a-rest Open String Tunes at top speed cameron-heather-lewis-rebecca-open-strings-at-top-speed

Session 2007/08

Concert given by guitarists from P5-P7 for P4 pupils – who will be next year’s P5 guitarists. This concert took place in the cathedral-like acoustic of the Gym Hall.

Group items: Titanic Titanic – Campie P4 Concert The Water is Wide The Water is Wide Campie P4 Concert Wonderful World WW – Campie P4 Concert Happy Together Happy Together

P7 Solos: Samantha: Over The Rainbow Samantha – Over The Rainbow Rachel: Any Dream Will Do Rachel – Any Dream Will Do

P6 Solos: Murray: Symphony Theme Murray Symphony Theme Alice: O When The Saints Alice O When The Saints

P5 Solos: Alison: In The Deep Alison In The Deep Eilidh: The Star Eilidh The Star Lori: Chinese Tune Lori Chinese Tune Cameron: Drunken Sailor Cameron Drunken Sailor Leanne: In The Moonlight Leanne In The Moonlight

Campie PS Guitar Group

Wonderful World (apparently the original file size exceeds the limit so this version is cut down and fades out) Campie PS Wonderful World – fade out Happy Together Campie PS Happy Together

Recordings from Lessons


Eilidh, Katie, Alison, Cameron & Lori – Chinese Tune Eilidh Katie Alison Cameron Lori – Chinese Tune In The Deep Eilidh Katie Ailson Cameron Lori – In The Deep

Rebecca, Sarah, Leanne, Rhona, Niamh – Chinese Tune Rho Nia Sar Reb Lea – Chinese Tune In The Deep Rho Nia Reb Sar Lea – In The Deep


Rachel Analiese Murray Alice – Got The Blues Rach Ana Mur Ali – Got The Blues London’s Burning (as a round) RAMA – LB

Emily, Lisa & Louise – Got The Blues Emily Lisa Louise Got The Blues


Samantha – Somewhere Over The Rainbow Samantha Rainbow

Rachel – Any Dream Will Do Rachel Any Dream (Rachel was given the music at the end of term and set about learning it independently – today’s recording was the first time she had played it with accompaniment).

Rachel & Samantha – Symphony Theme Rachel Samantha – Sym Theme

Session 2006/07

On Monday June 25th 2007, the guitarists in P5, 6 & 7 gave a concert for the P4s in the school gym hall – a grand acoustic. Next session’s new guitarists will be selected from P5 and it seemed like a nice idea to let them see where it was all leading. When the concert was finished, we decided to re-record a few items so that the pupils could experience “studio recording” in addition to “live recording.” Each has its special features:

Live – the buzz which a live audience brings to the occasion

Studio – a bigger sound as there are fewer bodies in the hall to soak up the sound

Live Takes

By The Rivers of Babylon By The Rivers of Babylon O When The Saints (Solo by Rachel in P5) Saints Something Stupid Something Stupid Toccata Toccata (we gave 2 performances of this back to back – one at normal speed and one at break-neck speed just for the fun on it)

Studio Takes

I’m A Believer I’m A Believer (Studio) My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) Titanic (studio) When The Boat Comes In (Solo by Hayley in P7) When The Boat Comes In (Hayley) Polish Dance (Solo by Hayley in P7) Polish Dance (Hayley)

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  1. mr coady u should change the primarys we are in coz the p5 are p6’s and the p6’s are p7’s now 😉

  2. Hi Lori

    Thanks for your comments. I know what you mean about the classes. When we do more recordings this year, you’ll be marked as P6s but, on the ones we have already done, they to stay marked as P5s so that you can look back and hear the progress you’ve made between P5 and later on. Also, when your grandchildren are in P5, you can let them hear what your playing was like in P5.

  3. hi mr coady are the p6s gettin to do solos at the musical evening because the p6s last year that are now p7s never got to do solos at the last musical evening

  4. Leanne

    Thanks for you comment. Did you ever wonder if last year’s P6s perhaps had the offer to perform a solo but didn’t fancy it? This year we don’t want the concert to run so late and so each group has to cut down a little. There are many groups: guitars;choir; brass; recorders; dancers. So we will most likely stick to group pieces. There will be plenty of chance for people to offer solos when we do our concert for the P4s in the third term. They can be recorded more easily that day and then they can appear on this site 🙂

  5. hi Mr Coady the musical evening this year (2010) was amazing and cameron did really well with his solo!!!!!!

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