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Updated 28 Sept 2009

Session 2009/10


Graham Legend graham-legend

Session 2008/09

Concert in Kings Meadow by some of Knox’s guitarists.

Polish Dance polish-dance Symphony Theme symphony-theme Toccata toccata Legend legend

Knox Academy Guitar Group – Pick Up The Pieces pick-up-the-pieces

Knox Academy Guitar Group – Gesú Bambino Gesú Bambino – Knox


Jake – Ukraine Folk Song jake-ukraine-folk-song

Session 2007/08

Knox Academy Guitar Group – Don’t Stop Me Now KAGG-DSMN


Carla/Emma/Graham – Chinese Tune CEG – Chinese Tune In The Deep CEG In The Deep Needing A Rest Needing A Rest I’m A Believer CGE – I’m A Believer

Graham – Spanish Dance Graham Spanish Dance


Hector, Jocasta, Jordan & Kirsten Farewell Blues

Kirsten – Dance of the Islands Kirsten Dance of Islands Polish Dance Kirsten Polish Dance Toccata Kirsten – Toccata Gypsy Dance Kirsten – Gypsy Dance Spanish Dance Kirsten – Spanish Dance

Graeme – New World Theme Graeme NWT Drunken Sailor Graeme- Drunken Sailor Polish Dance Graeme – Polish Dance Dance of the Islands Graeme – Dance of the Islands Toccata Graeme – Toccata

Jordan/Jocasta/Hector – dissolve into hilarity Hilarity Country Dance HJJ Country Dance

Ryan – Polish Dance Ryan – Polish Dance West Coast Ryan – West Coast Dance of the Islands Ryan – Dance of the Islands Night Flight Ryan – Night Flight

Lewis – Polish Dance Lewis – Polish Dance faster version Lewis – Polish Dance – faster Toccata Lewis Toccata Symphony Theme Lewis – Sym Theme Dance of the Islands Lewis – Dance of the Islands


Callum – West Coast Knox Callum – West Coast West Coast (high speed as exercise in relaxating under pressure) Knox Callum – West Coast High Speed

David – West Coast David – West Coast

Fiona – Country Dance Fiona – Country Dance Fiona/Mia Adagio


Alice Danse Exotique Danse Estudine No 7 Alice Estudine West Coast Alice West Coast

Session 2006/07


Jocasta Hector & Jordan Got The Blues Got The Blues (CJH) London’s Burning London’s Burning (CJH) Polish Dance JHC Polish Dance

Stephen Ryan & Kirsten Song of the Mountains SoM (SRK) Spanish Dance Sp Dance (SRK)


Callum David & David Instant Blues (featuring short imrprovised solos) CDD Instant Blues O Pulo do Baixo (Preiss) O Pulo (CDD) New Day New Day

Robyn Got The Blues Got The Blues (Rob) New World Theme New World Theme (Rob)

Robyn & Alison Serenade Robyn Alison Serenade Toccata Robyn Alison Toccata

Fiona Amy Got The Blues Got The Blues (F&A)

S3  Alice: Serenade AliceSerenade

Alice & Sara: Polish Dance AliceSaraPolishDance Spanish Dance SaraAliceSpanishDance Adagio Adagio (A&S)

Symphony Theme AliceSaraSymTheme Gypsy Dance AliceSaraGypsyDance



Lisle Estudine No 7 (Sollory) Estudine (L) West Coast (Sanderson) West Coast (L)


Andrew Mary McMahon of Ballanahinch/Miss Lyons MM (AS)

Andrew (a different one) Vivaldi Concerto in D (2nd movement) Andrew Vivaldi

Lynsey Preludio Lynsey Preludio

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