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Updated Sat 28 Sept 2009

Session 2009/10


Murray, Louise, Rachel Got The Blues murray-louise-rachel-got-the-blues


Callum – Lute Concerto in D, 2nd Movement (Vivaldi arr Coady): vivaldi-lute-concerto-2nd-movement-callum

Session 2008/09

MGS Guitar Group – Gesú Bambino mgs-gesu-bambino (live at Christmas Concert)

MGS Guitar GroupScottish Medley scottish-medley Choro choro (live at Summer Concert)


BethLondon’s Burning (as a round) beth-londons-burning-round Got The Blues beth-got-the-blues Polish Dance beth-polish-dance

Emily, Kyle, Liam – Chinese Tune (as a round) emily-kyle-liam-chinese-tune-round In The Deep emily-kyle-liam-in-the-deep Needing A Rest emily-kyle-liam-needing-a-rest

Rachel & SamanthaSymphony Theme Symphony Theme Laughter In The New World Laughter In The New World Ca’ The Yowes Rachel & Samantha – Ca\’ The Yowes


Hayley – Uptown Girl Hayley – Uptown Girl Flintstones Hayley – Flintstones Ca’ The Yowes hayley-ca-the-yowes Bonnie Lassie O hayley-bonnie-lassie-o




Callum – Vivaldi Lute Concerto in D (2nd Movement) callum-vivaldi-lute-concerto-in-d-2nd-movement


Session 2007/08

MGS Guitar Group – Summer Concert

In rehearsal – Morenita do Brazil MGS Morenita do Brazil

In concert – Copa Cabana (featuring Lindsay on bass guitar) MGS Copa Cabana


Hayley – Air (practising ensemble music against midi file) Hayley with laptop I Dreamed A Dream Hayley – I Dreamed A Dream

Danielle – Polish Dance Danielle – Polish Dance


Colin – Malaguena (playing melody line of ensemble piece against midi file on computer) Colin – Malaguena Symphony Theme Colin – Symphony Theme


Jamie (S3 beginner, 1st instrument is piano) – Polish Dance Jamie PD Symphony Theme Jamie Sym Toccata Jamie Toccata


Melissa – New Day Melissa – New Day West Coast Melissa – West Coast Legend Melissa – Legend

Tae SuLittle Shady TS Little Shady Download TS Download Been There TS Been There


Danielle – West Coast Danielle – West Coast

Session 2006/07

Calum, Callum & Joanne I’m A Believer I’m A Believer (CCJ) Spanish Dance Spanish Dance (CCJ) My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On (CCJ)


Clair & Louise A Fistful of Pesos Pesos (CL) Tsao Yuan Ching Go Tsao (CL) When The Boat Comes In When The Boat

Caitlin & Lauren Cagney & Lacey C & L (CL) My Heart Will Go On Titanic (C&L)

Amy & Jordan Blackwells Amy Jordan Blackwells


Melissa Melodie (Schumann) Melodie (Mel) Menuet (Lully) Menuet (Mel)



Stephen Danza Mora Danza Mora (SD) Estudine No 7 (Sollory) Estudine (SD) Estudio VI (Brouwer) Estudio VI (SD) West Coast (Sanderson) West Coast (SD) Romanza (Trad Spanish) Romanza


Ruairidh Milonga Milonga (RD)


15 thoughts on “Musselburgh Grammar School”

  1. Hiya. I’ve been listening to your recordings and just thought I’d let you know I think they’re brilliant. They’re all really nice arrangements and the playing is great. My favourite is probably “When The Boat Comes In” which Claire and Louise played. I like the tune. Also good to hear the Leo Brouwer piece – he writes great stuff.

  2. Well done everybody – they sound really good.
    You have all obviously worked hard – what great talent we have at MGS
    Mr Parker

  3. My lord how technology’s changed at my wee old school in the last decade! Keep following your music guys, I may be working in a music shop to make ends meet but this wee Musselburgh musician bred through the Grammar’s played at Glastonbury Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, the World Cup Final in Berlin (music not football!) and Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro amongst others…it is possible!!

  4. As I couldn’t make the concert it is great to hear the pieces the guitars performed.
    As ever I never fail to be impressed by the hard work put in by everyone. Delightful
    David parker
    PS Whatever happened to Barry Manilow!!!!

  5. Hi Alan – I’ve just stumbled across your blog and have been listening to some of your students play. Congrats all round for some fantastic performances – I know how much effort goes into producing results like that. I’m looking forward to checking out some of your other posts.
    ps very flattered to spot a couple of West Coasts there too.

  6. hey every one its danielle from wallyford primary just whant to say every one is realy tge one i liked the best was up town girl ok bye

  7. Hi Alan,
    Now I have a new Sony vaio computer and the time to make the most of your blog. Thank the kids when you see them for their lovely music. Especially nice to hear Stephen.
    But they are all good in their own way…love the girls laughing as I am a bit depressed as I could not go to Poland yesterday for the blliked holiday as I had a sudden bout of gastric flue/food poisoning.
    thank again. and Happy New Year.

  8. Hey Mr C.

    Got a bit of a dilemma. I’ve been chosen for a maths competition at Meadowbank on Thursday for all day, the same day of the rehearsals. Don’t know what to do! Do you want me to be at the rehearsals? If you could let me know what you think as soon as possible.

  9. Hayley

    First of all, congratulations on the correct spelling of dilemma :-)and thanks for the early waring. Don’t worry – just go along to the Maths competition – and good luck with it. You’ve worked hard on the concert parts and know what you’re doing. You’ll be fine on the night. See you at the concert.

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