Wallyford PS

updated 18 Jan 2009

Session 2008/09

Play-along mp3s for Rachel & Danny’s Scottish Experience

Ca’ The Ewes ca-the-ewes-for-rachel-danny-accomp

Bonnie Lassie bonnie-lassie-o-for-rachel-danny


Shaunna, Niki, Liam, Jack – Tunes 1 -3 Shaunna, Nicky, Liam, Jack – Tunes 1 – 3 Shaunna, Niki, Jack Liam – Drunken Sailor Shaunna, Niki, Jack, Liam – Drunken Sailor

Jake, Aaron, Morgan – Tune 1 Jake, Aaron, Morgan – Tune 1 Morgan, Jake, Aaron – Tune 2 Morgan, Jake, Aaron – Tune 2 Morgan, Jake, Aaron – Tune 3 Morgan, Jake, Aaron – Tune 3


Shannon, Amie, Danielle, Connor – In The Deep Shannon, Amie, Danielle, Connor – In The Deep

Shannon, Morgan, Matthew, Chantel – In The Deep Shannon, Morgan, Matthew, Chantel – In The Deep


Rachel – Bonnie Lassie O Rachel – Bonnie Lassie O

Session 2007/08

Mary Vevers Retirement Assembly

Guitar Group (Wallyford past and present): Andrew & Connor P7; Amy, Calum & Jordan S3; Lindsay (featured on bass guitar) S4; Scott & Ruaraidh S5

Choir: The entire staff of Wallyford PS

Polish Dance Polish Dance Wallyford PS Symphony  Theme Symphony Theme Wallyford PS Toccata Toccata Wallyford PS Copa Cabana Copa Cabana Blackwells Blackwells Wallyford PS Happy Talk (Instrumental) Happy Talk Instrumental Happy Talk (with alternative lyrics to say goodbye to Mrs Vevers after 17 years’ service to the school) Happy Talk Vocal

In Class Recordings

Andrew, Connor & Steven My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) My Heart Will Go On Wonderful World  Wonderful World

Connor Spanish Dance Spanish Dance

Andrew By The Rivers of Babylon Babylon 

Rachel & Danny Chant Rachel-Danny Chant Got The Blues Rachel-Danny Blues

Rachel London’s Burning Rachel-LB

Session 2006/07 

P5 – Ellis, Rachel, Danny & Kaylum play Prelude EllRachDanKayPrelude

P6 – Hannah, Kayla, Kyle, Conor & Andrew play Spanish Dance HanKayKylConAndSpanDance           Needing A Rest HanKayKylConAndNeedingARest & In The Deep HanKayKylConAndInTheDeep

7 thoughts on “Wallyford PS”

  1. What progress the guitarist are making and how fantastic to be able to listen to them via the web!!! Keep going guys and girls!!!! Mr Coady, well done to you too, your commitment to the learners, as always, shines through. Thank you too.

  2. Fantastic guitar playing. What talent you all have. Well done!

    Connor said, “You should go on Britains got Talent”
    Calvin said, “You are great!.”
    Megan says, “It’s the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard”.

  3. Thanks, Connor, Calvin, Megan and everyone in P4 for your kind comments. I’ll make sure all the guitar pupils have a look at the nice things you said 🙂

    Mr Coady

  4. hi mr cody its danielle p6 just whant to say that im getting better because im practising 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  5. I’m delighted to hear it, Danielle. I look forward to hearing your progress next week!

    p.s. well done on spelling “practising” correctly – many people slip up on that one and write “practicing”

  6. Hi everyone it’d me Rachel from p7 just want 2 say thanks for all the great comments being posted and that i never thought of going on britians got talent before and still aren’t thinking of it now lol xxx

  7. thats meant 2 say it’s me but it got spelt wrong and i can’t change it now lol sorry lol xxx

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