Guitar Performances on My Space

Occasionally these links take several seconds to load – but it’s worth waiting. 

Very musical playing by Zagreb Guitar Quartet

Georgia Guitar Quartet (especially playing Chopin’s Etude Op 10 No 3)

Dublin Guitar Quartet (especially playing Leo Brouwer’s Cuban Landscape With Rumba)

Martin Byatt (my cousin – no really)

Gareth Pearson (acoustic, finger-style)

Cecilia Zabala (latin-style – nice singing voice too)

Malcolm MacFarlane (Haddington’s own)

Stephen Bennett (country style)

Paco de Lucia (flamenco)

Amanda Cook (classical) [listen to Morning In Omagh]

Clive Carroll (acoustic)

Tommy Emmanuel (acoustic, country)

Don Ross (percussive acoustic)

Preston Reid (blues, jazz)

Andy McKee (percussive acoustic)

Steve Vai (life-affirming electric)

Joe Satriani (good-time electric)

3 thoughts on “Guitar Performances on My Space”

  1. Noticed you had Don Ross listed in your guitarists, that in turn will lead to Andy McKee (also amazing) and Brooke Miller who although maybe not as technically gifted as these other guys has a terrific singing voice and is extremely easy to watch.

    I’ve posted a couple of her videos on my blog.


  2. Sorry, didn’t notice that you’d already listed Andy McKee.

    On a different slant Fretkillr is a real good flatpicker, you should check him out.


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