YouTube links – guitar

… containing links to some impressive playing, unusual looking guitars and techniques:

Frank Gambale legendary hero of Sweep picking:

Demonstrating Scale Sweeping/Economy Picking

Arpeggio sweeping lesson

Lesson on added Maj 2 arpeggio (features Blues solo)

More sweeping

Advising young players to Learn The Blues

Riffing on Mixolydian Mode

Riffing on Aeolian Mode

Spike’s Song

High 5

Beyond The Bridge (live)

Live in Moscow

Frank Gambale & Bunny Brunel – Little Wing live (Hendrix classic)

Soloing alongside high powered bassist and drummer

Leave Ozone Alone

with Ric Fierabracci selling d’Addarrio stainless steel strings

Dangerous Curves (live)

With Jeff Berlin & Vinnie Colaiuta (hi-energy)

Frankly Speaking (live) – quite a rocky riff


jazz solo

frantic solo alongside the biggest drumkit on Earth

Double Helix – bluesy feature with great use of reverb

Ralph Towner

Solo: Jamaica Stopover  Toledo  The Reluctant Bride  Veldt

with Oregon featuring Trilok Gurtu on percussion:  Oregon (live)

Andy Mckee

Driftingfeaturing some great percussive techniques

Into The Ocean – played on a bizarre and beautiful guitar

Antoine Dufour

Dracula & Friends Part 1 (by Don Ross)

Naissance – very confident and percussive playing

Scratch – featuring a fiesta of hammer-ons and pull-offs

Spiritual Groove – featuring (right hand) artificial harmonics

Don Ross

Michael, Michael, MichaelEwan McIntosh and I saw Don Ross play this live a few years ago – very funky

Never Got To Pernambuco – up-tempo piece with Brazilian feel

Afraid To Dance – although he doesn’t seem to be in the film

Loaded, Leather Moonroof – can’t help wondering what this is about

Jesse Helms’ Night in Havana – Cuban feel

Erik Mongrain 

PercusionFa – unusual sitting position – impressive fingertapping


Dominic Frasca

Dometude – a frenzy of slurs on a 10-string guitar

Egberto Gismonti

Dança Das Cabeças (an extremely energetic performance by this idiosyncratic, Brazilian player/composer.)

Paulo Martelli

Loro by Egberto Gismonti 

Enver Izmailov

Untitledrhythms, melodies & harmonies of Uzbekistan

The Flight Over 7/8ths – another TV apperance in a studio of understated decor


Koyunbaba by Carlo Domeniconi (influenced by the composer’s years spent in Turkey)

Antonio Forcione Quartet

Maurizio’s Party (Part 1)

Roland Dyens:

El Choclo

Waltz Op 69 No 2

Gaelle Solal:

Saudade No 3 by Roland Dyens

Invocación y Danza by Joaquin Rodrigo

Sonata (2nd movement) by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco

Sonata (4th movement) by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco

En Los Trigales by Joaquin Rodrgio

Tonadillo and Tango by Emilio Pujol

Denis Azabagic

La Catedral by Agustín Barrios Mangoré

Carlos Rubén Gómez

Flight of the Bumblebeethis is a very strange film – not sure if he’s enjoying it or not

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (playing in the Dundee Guitar Festival this summer)

Aragonaise (from Bizet’s Carmen)

Icarus by Ralph Towner

John Williams

Asturias by Isáac Albeniz (filmed in a very nice location)

Julian Bream

Fugue from Violin Sonata BWV 1001 by J. S.Bach

Gerardo Nuñez (flamenco legend and verteran of Dundee Guitar Festival 2005)

Jucal – lively group piece

Montreal Guitar Trio

Libertango by Astor Piazzolla (the music starts after 1’20”)

Assad Brothers

Tango Suite by Astor Piazzolla – near telepathic playing from these two Brazilian brothers (notice they are playing ensemble music by memory – quite unusual)

Party Piece (four hands on one guitar from these veterans of the Dundee Guitar Festival 2004)

Katona Twins

Tango No. 1 by Astor Piazzolla

Steve Vai

Guitar solo – a man who enjoys his work

Joe Satriani

Surfing With The Alienanother good time tune

Improve your Spanish and guitar techniques with Achokarlos:

Picking Exercises (although this is mainly about the left hand)

Sweep Picking Part 1   Sweep Picking Part 2

Tapping Part 1   Tapping Part 2

Comedy Lesson

Peo Kindgren

This very fine Swedish player (resident in Denmark) has many recordings on YouTube. In addition to expressive playing, the sound quality of the recordings is as good as I’ve heard on any website.

Air from Bach’s Orchestral Suite No 3

Bach’s Prelude BWV 998 (from Prelude, Fugue & Allegro)

Bach’s Prelude BWV 1007 (origianlly for cello)

Toccata by Michelangelo Galilei

Peo Kindgren plays his own Prelude XII

Sakura by Yuquihiro Yocoh

John Dowland’s Lachrymae Antique Pavane

Prelude from Suite Antiguo by Guido Santorsola (1904-1994)

Verano Porteno by Astor Piazzolla  

Vals Venezolano No 2 by Antonio Lauro

Tanz by Alfred Uhl (1909-1993)

Dedicatoria by Granados

Cavatina by Stanley Myers

Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tárrega

Vals Opus 8 No 3 by Barrios

Marietta by Tarrega

Lágrima by Tárrega

Dowland’s Sir John Smith His Almain

Adelita by Tárrega

Torija by Federico Moreno Tórroba

Andante by Napoleon Coste

Arroyos de la Alhambra by Angel Barrios (1882-1964)

Brouwer Estudio Sencillo No 6

Gareth Pearson (a young finger-style guitarist from Wales – blues/country)

Blue Smoke by Merle Travis

Jerry’s Breakdown (duo with the great Tommy Emmanuel)

Cannonball Rag (trio with Matt Thomas and Gary Dawson)

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