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Jadran Duncumb

I don’t normally watch BBC’s Young Musician of the Year – not because I don’t enjoy watching talented young people perform, but more because I find the competitive element a little distasteful. While I acknowledge that many a great career has been launched this way, I’d rather just enjoy the performance. This is now possible thanks to the BBC providing video footage. The videos contain far more of each soloist’s programme than broadcast time could possibly allow. May I recommend this fine performance by Jadran Duncumb on guitar. Once there, you’ll be able to navigate your way around the other performances and interviews.

Staffroom Monologues

Since beginning this blog, I’ve been experimenting with other forms of writing and have twice entered, so far without success, the Teachers TV Staffroom Monologues Competition. While it would be nice to win, the main reason I’m attracted to competitions is a fondness for deadlines and the freedom afforded by restriction – 1,000 word limit in this case. Although the subject matter of my entry this year was blogging, social software and school life, the content is entirely fictional: mp3 by Alan Coady

You can see films of last year’s winners here including the very amusing Locked Stockroom and Two Smoking Gerbils featuring Bill Paterson.