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I’ve just returned from a very rewarding gig, accompanying Zoe, a fine singer from NBHS, at the VOCAL Conference 2009, held in the Marine Hotel, North Berwick.

Thanks to Ian who, in addition to taking care of sound as we played, also operated my Zoom H2 to capture an idea of the performance in mp3 form – refuting, in one fell swoop, the current gender-based myth about multi-tasking!

The many delegates who thanked and praised Zoe in person after the performance confirmed my feeling that the music had gone down well.

Autumn Leaves: autumn-leaves

Ca’ The Yowes: ca-the-yowes

Healing You (Zoe’s own composition): healing-you

This final tune is available on a CD recorded by Zoe and two other artists this summer. Proceeds (£10 per disc) go to RNIB. If you would like to know more, please post a comment.