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Hyperscore II

In a post yesterday I referred to a program called Hyperscore but, as the central subject matter concerned a video featuring a very specific application, I didn’t dwell on the technicalities of the program. Well, the other reason is that I’ve never seen the program. However, after writing the post, I had a more detailed look at this video and looked at these particulars and I can see a place for a program like this in schools. Composition in SQA courses is certainly not the ideal setting as the program seems to be to composition what flat-pack furniture is to carpentry. However, primary or S1/S2 might prove more suitable . There are many people with an intuitive feel for how music fits together who are neither musically literate nor sufficiently proficient on an instrument to participate in the creative process – and produce some kind of finished product.

At $79 (less for site licence) it’s probably worth investigating. If only we knew someone in East Lothian familiar enough with music and IT to review it.


Do you ever wonder about the directions in which technology might allow music to move? Take a look at this inspirational TED talk by Tod Machover – the musical brains behind Guitar Hero. He works at MIT where, with the collaboration of Dan Ellsey, he has been involved in the development of Hyperscore. He speaks eloquently and movingly about the transforming effect brought about by participating in music – especially when first appearances might make participation seem unlikely.