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Musselburgh Grammar School’s New Year Concert

One word has been on my mind today – resiliencethe ability to bounce back from difficulties, setbacks, even failures – the taboo word….

I had intended to say a few words about this by way of an introduction to one of the MGS Guitar Group’s pieces tonight but, when the moment came, I found myself thinking, just get on with it, man! But I later regretted this inclination.

What passed through my mind was the following. Resilience is obviously a good thing to promote, but how do you build it into the lives of your pupils, children, young people? Who would willingly throw obstacles in the path of people in their care? However, the adverse weather, as it has come to be known, threw difficulties in the direction of the Guitar Group – along with many others.

The annual Christmas Concert was scheduled for Thu 16 Dec. Having missed so many days of school, and with rescheduled exams in the offing about to affect rehearsal time, the decision was taken to replace the concert with a New Year Concert in Jan. The Guitar Group had prepared two pieces: Troika – pretty much associated with winter – and Merry Christmas Everybody – pretty much associated with Christmas. The members of the group felt that they wouldn’t be able to attack this piece with the same gusto in mid-January and we decided to take the risk of replacing it with something new – something last minute.

Our original plans derailed, resilience was called upon to embrace the new situation. We first rehearsed Carrillion on Fri 17 Dec. 27 days then passed before we met up again – this morning – the day of the concert. We rehearsed again and performed it tonight. There was trepidation in the air, for sure, but I’d defy anyone to describe it as under-rehearsed which, by our usual standards, it most certainly was. I was extremely proud of these pupils tonight!

See what you think:

Carrillion Troika

There were many magnificent performances tonight – notably the Jazz Band which nearly blew the roof off with the power and commitment of its playing. One of the other highlights was a piano solo by Jamie (also in the Guitar Group – on his second instrument). He played Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1 with a mastery which belies his youth. If you don’t know the piece, this video might give you some idea of the undertaking and courage:[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Yh36PaE-Pf0?rel=0" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Re the post from earlier this evening (pre-concert) have a look at the use of the word resilience over that past 200 years.