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Knox Academy Christmas Concert

The snow continues leave its white print on school and community life. The original plan for today was to have an afternoon concert (for P7 pupils along with family/friends of performers who couldn’t make the evening event) and the traditional evening concert. Weather and transport difficulties meant that we had to make do with only the former. Nevertheless, the pupils turned in commendable performances.

I left my Zoom H2 in the capable hands of Mr. eduBuzz – David Gilmour – who was seated at the back of the hall – already engaged in making a recording, in the hope that some of these performances may soon be able to reach those for whom they were originally intended. He recorded the two pieces played by the Knox Academy Guitar Group. On reflection, I think the distance was too far, as the rustling of nearby programmes seems to rival the volume of the distant group. Still, I feel that they played very well on the day, despite the pressure of lost rehearsal time.

Walking In The Air features the full group (18 members – normally 19 but one was ill today). Maria de Buenos Aires features 6 senior players (S4 – S6) along with one courageous S1 player!

p.s. David has been in touch to provide links to the recordings he made (see “Comments” below)

NBHS Christmas Concert(s)

Try as it might, the snow did not manage to disrupt this year’s NBHS Christmas Concerts on Mon 13 & Tue 14 Dec. We lost rehearsal time during the week of blanket closures. Even when pupils returned, not all could get in and some of those relying on buses missed another rehearsal. However, thanks to a bit of give and take between schools, some replacement rehearsal time was found and the Guitar Ensemble turned in two of their best performances to date. I was particularly pleased with the sensitive phrasing in the Sicilienne by Paradis – not for the want of my droning on about this topic, I can assure you – still, worth it in the end – I hope you agree.

Sicilienne Merry Christmas Everybody

Showcase Rehearsal No. 3

Esteemed Pupils,

You may already have discovered that schools are to remain closed to pupils until Monday 6 December. Sadly, this means that our East Lothian Guitar Ensemble rehearsal, scheduled for Friday, will not be able to go ahead. However, rest assured that parts for our 3rd piece will be distributed to you on Tue 7th, Wed 8th & Thu 9th respectively. Play-along midi files for this mystery piece will be posted along with those already there for two pieces already underway.

The next scheduled Showcase rehearsal is Friday 21 Jan. See Dates For Your Diary for the complete list.

Thanks for your hard work and savoir faire, so far. Enjoy the snow while it lasts.

photo by Lesley Pearson