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The Saltire

I was honoured to be able to take part in Sunday’s Saltire celebrations in the fantastic acoustic of St. Mary’s Parish Church, Haddington.

My role was that of accompanist in a performance of Robert Burns’ Ca’ The Yowes sung by Zoe from North Berwick High School (pictured below with performer and MC for the evening, Phil Cunningham).

Zoe shared the bill with very distinguished company: Dougie Maclean; Karen Matheson & Fish. The warmth and encouragement of these seasoned performers was very touching and, I couldn’t help noticing in the afternoon’s sound check, that they seemed to be very impressed as Zoe brought the song to this moving climax: ca-the-yowes-last-3-verses-homecoming-2009-11-29

Judging from the reception, the evening’s audience was similarly moved.