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Musical Terms

There was a time when many used to feel that it was fine to question Wikipedia’s accuracy. I never really felt this and can’t recall spotting an error – perhaps I know less than those critics.

I’m impressed by their glossary of musical terms – particularly the iPhone version, the alphabetical arrangement of which is elegant and user friendly. A nervous pupil, en route to a grade exam, could do worse than to look check up a few of these in the car. At home on PC it is a great resource – particularly when used in conjunction with Windows search function – Ctrl+F then the first few letters of the term in question.

Of course, when it comes to SQA concepts, there is no better site than LTS’ one – where audio illustrations of the concepts are included.

Blues and the abstract truth

So, how was it for you? I’m referring to Blue Monday the day of the year we are meant to feel as despondent as it’s possible to be. Frankly, I didn’t find it too bad. Of course the flurry of snow, cleverly referred to as sleet or even rain by some teachers, caused lasting distraction for many young pupils. I find it quite touching to see such elemental animation. In years to come, these same children will look out of the window and utter inspiringly, “and I’ve just washed the car, as well,” or “that washing’s never going to dry now!”

I also managed to book myself onto a course in speed reading, generously put on by ELC. I’ll post more about that, at frightening speed, when it’s over. I imagine that almost all of it will be to do specifically with words but I wonder if there will be any general ocular facts which would be relevant to music reading.

Speaking of reading – allow me to scatter, for your delectation, links to a cauldron of contentious miscellany, loosely relevant to education, internet, the mind and moods.

A. C. Grayling calls for universities to endorse trustworthy websites and flag up the erroneous

Contributors to Wikipedia are thought to be closed and disagreeable

Misery can be good for you

The mind may not exist solely in the brain. What?! I can’t get my own one around that

p.s. the title of this post comes from one of the finest jazz/blues/big band albums of all time by Oliver Nelson