Youtube links – general

… links to YouTube videos containing:

  • illustration of concepts
  • footage of composers playing or conducting
  • composers/musicians explaining their work
  • interviews with or about composers
  • generally inspirational or outstanding performances

 Composers playing or conducting

Bartok playing the piano

Bartok’s Romanian Dances – follow the piano score while the orchestral arrangement plays

Stravinsky conducting Finale of The Firebird

A young Shostakovich playing the piano

Shostakovich announcing – Leningrad Symphony in historically significant setting



Serialism aka 12 tone music

12 tone method explained (also known as serialism)

Atonality a brief introduction

some examples

Dissonant Departure – 12 tone piece for solo classical guitar with interesting photo montage

12 tone blues guitar

12 tone blues combo

Twelve-tone Serial Jazz on Eight-String Guitar


Piano Phase – Peter Aidu plays this piano duo on two pianos

Piano Phase – 2 pianos (Part 1/2)

Piano Phase – 2 pianos (Part 2/2)

Piano Video Phase – featuring drummer

Piano Phase Remix (grooves)

Piano Phase with dancers

Phasing (incl Piano Phase) explained by Steve Reich on South Bank Show

Interviews with or about composers/musicians

Interview with Gertrude Schoenberg (widow of Arnold), Lawrence Schoenberg (son of Arnold) and violinist Rudolph Kolisch (brother of Gertrude, pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and ambassador of his music – should the sound and vision on this video seem out of sync – go up to the url and add “&fmt=18” then hit Return. The video will restart with improved synchronisation.

Inspirational videos

Orquesta Juvenil Simón Bolívar de Venezuela – where belief and dedication can lead


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  1. Hi,

    I love your blog. Would you be interested in reviewing my short docu film which won 2 awards at the International Film festivals. The name of the film is Virtuoso and it features 89 year old woman learning to play the cello and benefits that adults get from musical training.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Biana,

    Thanks for your comment. I looked at your site and the film seems very interesting. Where would I be able to see it? Could you send a copy?



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