Dealing with our frustrations offline

I know we all have our frustrations to bear, but can I ask that if you have an issue with anything work-related, your deal with it offline and through the appropriate channels, for example, your line manager. Or you can always email me direct at

Please don’t try to resolve things on social media. We should always be respectful towards our partner organisations and remember that we are all in this together.

Nuff said.


2 Replies to “Dealing with our frustrations offline”

  1. While I didn’t see the argument on Twitter I’m fully aware of the tensions. All over every media platform people are shouting out for NHS staff and frontline council staff appear to have been forgotten, as well as many other key services, obviously we all applaud what our NHS are doing.
    On Facebook last night carers were saying that even at supermarkets their council passes were being refused at supermarkets as they were not recognised as key workers.
    Some stated that they are struggling to get into a supermarket to get shopping.
    We need to support and applaud ALL key workers

    1. Hi Julia, I totally agree that it’s about celebrating all the work and everyone who is doing it. Can you tell me which supermarkets people were having problems with (including the branch) and I’ll follow this up.


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