An innovative approach – Enable and ELHSCP

Enable have been very creative with support a service user who is self-isolating due to being unwell.

The team have rallied around the service-user with home cooked meals being dropped off, Facetime quizzes twice daily and also Facetime support to ensure the flat is being kept clean and tidy/house, chores are being done and everything is as it should be (as if staff were still visiting the flat on a  daily basis). 

Our service-user appears to be managing the situation really well and has really stuck to the self-isolation guidance – he comes down once a day to collect his evening meal from the back door. 

The Team as mentioned above have been doing a lot of Facetime with him as we mentioned before and the quizzes are around the service-user’s activity of choice. A staff member played darts with him the other day (the service-user played in his home and staff played in his!) The service-users is engaging really well with this which is fantastic.

Sent in by Sarah Wall, Senior Practitioner, Adult Wellbeing

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  1. I have also heard back from ELCAP that they and a person they support have adapted well, with the use of telephone contact and facetime to provide support and supervision when someone was self isolating. In addition post this period of self isolating they were able to also support with socially distanced daily exercise to support the mental health of their client during these difficult times.

    I’d also like to big up the local community groups that have grown organically in the wake of Covid 19 to reach out to their communities with practical supports from shopping, collecting medication and phone calls to offer emotional support during periods of isolation.

    1. Hi Jamie

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve stared a new category in the menu on the right-hand-side of the blog, under COVID-19, called Innovative Practice. Hope lots of you will be willing to share things that are working for you and your service-users. And yes, a big thank you to communities for everything they are doing. 🙂

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