AbilityNet Live! – Staying in touch: Using technology to chat with family and friends – Tuesday at 1pm

This FREE webinar will offer information and support on how you can stay connected with family and friends using technology during a time of social isolation – and to learn skills for when it is no longer necessary. 

  • Date and time: 7 April 2020: 1pm-2pm
  • Location: Online – the webinar is delivered via the Zoom platform
  • Price: free

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About the webinar

When will the webinar take place?

Our webinar is FREE to join and will take place jointly with East Sussex-based charity Care for the Carers on 7 April 2020 13:00pm to 14:00pm BST.

What will the webinar cover?

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to different ways you can communicate using technology. We’ll explore the options you have with devices that you may own already, and showcase specific communication devices, which may be less familiar.

In both cases, we will be mindful that there is a range of skillsets. 

During the webinar, we will:

  1. Inform you how you can connect at a distance via technology
  2. Explain the pros and cons of each option
  3. Signpost you to simple guidance to help you get started
  4. Answer any questions you may have

Who is this webinar for?:


In these unprecedented times, we’re all learning to do things in new ways. Our specific focus is on older and disabled people who need support now more than ever. We’re also mindful of the strain of being separated from someone you normally care for. technology can help you to keep in touch.

The webinar will last 1 hour and includes a brief question and answer session. At the point of registration, you will have the opportunity to submit questions you would like our presenters to respond to on the live webinar. 

Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive access to the recording, including those unable to attend live. We will provide captions for those who are hard of hearing and give access to a transcript afterwards.

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AbilityNet Live! – Caring at a distance, tech support for older and disabled people

In a time of social isolation, what is the best way to support older and disabled people?

How can technology help them manage the impact of isolation? 

And what is the best way to get them the technology support they need?

AbilityNet has a network of over 300 IT volunteers who provide free IT support to older and disabled people. But as the COVID-19 situation has developed we have had to replace face-to-face volunteering visits with online and telephone-based help and remote support.

This is important for older and disabled people who may be especially vulnerable during this time. We know that carers and family members will be trying to provide whatever help they can and we want to support that effort.

That’s why, under the umbrella ‘AbilityNet Live!’ we’ve joined forces with a range of charities to deliver a series of webinars aimed at reducing loneliness, improving mental health and using technology if you need support with essentials such as shopping while separated from loved ones. 

It brings together all sorts of individuals and organisations, providing a focus for information sharing and top tips. It will also include plenty of time for questions from the audience.

We will be joined by members of Citizens Online and also East Sussex-based charity, Care for the Carers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me



Chris Grant
Scotland Co-Ordinator
ITCANHELP – Abilitynet
0800 269 545 | 07555 397 391
E: v.scotland@abilitynet.org.uk
W: www.abilitynet.org.uk

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