STRiVE update – Sources of help through the TSI

STRiVE has received £40K from Scottish Government for 20 local East Lothian groups to receive £2000 each – please see below from Maureen Alan, Chief Officer at STRiVE.

I am in receipt of emails asking how can we help people in the community from National organisations and the Scottish Government, the barrier to accessing these vital resources is the lack of engagement from groups. I can’t nominate grassroot groups I don’t know about – I currently have access to around £40k and have to nominate them by 8th April. I am looking for 20 groups to each receive £2000 each directly.

I have access to Foodfare who are looking to support us locally – again I cannot nominate without knowledge of groups

There are several funds available to organisations and communities who may need assistance in applying for funding, this is a requirement of our “core” Scottish Government Funding, please remember us if there are groups struggling in East Lothian we may be able to assist them.

We also have premises on the High Street in Tranent that could be used to store or be utilised as appropriate – free of charge of course to those who need it.

Unfortunately, this is a marathon not a sprint and to allow us all to “survive” we need to work together.

Please pass on this information to anyone in your network(s) and ask them to pass it on. I am happy to chat or help where we can.

Kindest regards


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  1. I would like to nominate Gullane Area Community Council which would be able to disseminate this funding to the Local Area Resilience Teams serving Gullane. Aberlady, Dirleton and Drem.
    As with many areas Dirleton Area Resilience Team have a well organised team with 50 volunteers offering Cashless shopping, collection of prescriptions,dog walking and support for those with long term health conditions etc.
    What is becoming evident is the large number of residents who are within the self isolating category and have no family support. For many who are really proud its taking the first step to ask for assistance and our first task is building relationships.
    We are setting up a local larder within the Primary School for essentials.While we have benefited from Aldi (Neighbourly) and Tesco (Fairshare ) this has mainly resulted in Bread and cakes and it would be good to be able to provide more healthy options.
    We have also had requests for Ladies products for the elderly and would like to purchase these products.
    Longer term the need for those self isolating will increase with the needs to offer not just practical support but to consider initiatives to promote mental health and well-being.
    We would also like to a fun element for the children as this Sunday the Easter Bunny is visiting those children of Primary age (thanks to the donation of ALDI ).
    The fund would be able to support those families who are experiencing hardship at the time
    Janice MacLeod
    Dirleton Area Resilience Team.

    1. Hi Janice

      Thank you very much for this, which I have sent on to Maureen Allan at Strive. What you are doing is really impressive, so thanks for sharing.

      Best wishes


  2. Hi Jane, I would like to nominate the North Berwick community Council who have arranged the North Berwick Resilience Group. The group have over 200 volunteers and are delivering food and prescriptions as well as offering support to the vulnerable across the town. The group are looking to arrange a project to include the whole town to encourage hope and business to help wih loneliness during this period. The money would really assist with this project. Is there an application form that needs filled in? Best wishes, Judy Lockhart, Chairman, North Berwick Community Council

    1. Hi Judy

      Thank you so much for getting in touch – you’re obviously pulling out all the stops in North Berwick! I have passed this on to Maureen for you.

      Keep up the good work.


  3. I would like to nominate Pennypit Community Development Trust, Homestart East Lothian and Carefree Kids who are all working hard to support vulnerable families

    1. Hi Steven

      Thanks very much for getting n touch about the excellent work being done by the Pennypit Community Development Trust. I have checked with STRiVE and they have now submitted the list. But they are aware and I’m sure if anything else comes along in the way of funding, they’ll let you know.


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