Social Security update

Changes to eligibility

The Scottish Government has temporarily changed eligibility for a number of our benefits. This is to help people who are impacted by coronavirus and can’t get an application in on time – due to illness or caring responsibilities – to still get the support that they need.

We are working to update our online forms at the moment to reflect these changes, so if a client gets a warning to say that their application is late, they should make sure that they continue and submit so that we can process this.

Clients who make a late application after 7 April may still be treated as eligible even when the delay means they are out with our normal eligibility ages. This is provided they have explained that the reason for their application being late is due to Covid-19.
We will consider their application as if it was submitted on the final date that they would have actually been eligible. That means, if someone applies for Pregnancy and Baby Payment after their baby turns six months old, we will check their application against their circumstances on the day before their baby turned six months – including whether or not they were getting a qualifying benefit on that day.

Payments include:

  • Best Start grant
  • Pregnancy and baby payments
  • Early learning payments
  • Funeral support payment
  • Young carer grant

Redetermination and appeals timescales have been extended.

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