Covid-19 Mental Welfare Commission Advice Note

The Mental Welfare Commission is being contacted for advice on mental health care and treatment related to this pandemic.

In light of this, and in anticipation of emergency legislation currently going through Parliament, we have produced this advice note for practitioners who are using the Mental Health Act and Adults with Incapacity Act when caring for patients.

The Commission is deeply saddened to see this week’s statistics on deaths in care homes, and new material in today’s update focuses on care homes. Our new advice links to ethical and human rights guidance, and gives information on a national care home rapid response team, which meets regularly and which the Commission has joined.

Please read this Advice Note and share it with colleagues who may find it helpful. Please also note that it will likely be updated frequently as the situation develops. We will issue updates, but please also check our website for the latest version.

We hope you find this helpful and ask that you email us at if you have any questions or comments.

You can find the Advice Note here.

With our staff now all working from home, please also see here for details of contacting the Commission at this time.