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Support for services

Care services across Scotland are working tirelessly under very challenging circumstances to care for people.

The Care Inspectorate is working closely with care providers, health and social care partnerships, care industry leaders and the Scottish Government to ensure services get the support they need during the pandemic.

In order to best support services we have increased the numbers of inspectors available to support all care services for adults.

This may mean some services will have a new inspector. We acknowledge this may be a difficult change to take on board at this time but we are confident this is the best way to support all care services during the pandemic.

Services who are assigned a new inspector will be notified individually and will be contacted by their new inspector.

All our inspectors are committed to supporting care services at this time and they will work with you to build strong, supportive relationships.

COVID-19: updated information and guidance for care home settings

Health Protection Scotland have updated their COVID-19 information and guidance for care home settings. You can access this guidance here.

Infection prevention and control COVID-19 outbreak checklist

Health Protection Scotland have released an infection prevention and control outbreak checklist for COVID-19. The checklist is designed for the control of incidents and outbreak in healthcare settings and can be used within a COVID-19 area when there is an individual case or multiple cases.

You can view it here.

COVID-19 Incident or outbreak control tool for social or community care or residential settings

Health Protection Scotland have released a control measure tool for the control of incidents and outbreaks in Social or Community Care & Residential Settings, specific for COVID-19, and should be used accordingly, following the general advice provided in the guidance.

You can access this here.

More information for people with learning disabilities

The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) has added more Easy Read information and guidance on COVID-19 to its website. This includes common questions and stay at home advice.

Find out more on their website here or join their Facebook group ‘SCLD stay in touch’, which is open to anyone.

IRIC Alcohol-based hand rubs risk of fire

The Incident Reporting & Investigation Centre has released an information message containing guidance on the risk of fire from alcohol-based hand rubs.

You can view the information message here.

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