ELHSCP to work with Alcuris in new TEC trial

The trial will look at TEC solutions to address a number of challenges relating to supporting the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating during COVID-19 emergency

By Katie Harrison

ELHSCP is engaging in this exciting national project alongside one other health and social care partnership in Scotland and a couple in England. As you will be aware, staff are working hard to get people out of hospital as quickly and safely as possible as well as preventing others being admitted to hospital.   Some of these patients (and their families) who are being seen by the Discharge to Assess team are benefiting from using Alcuris Memo hub for a 6 week period.

There was a very short turnaround time to identify people who may be suitable to benefit from its use but the AHP team worked hard to make this happen!  Staff, patients and carers are already benefiting from utilising the system and the information gathered from the hub and sensors.  The final evaluation paper to be produced for the project is due on Friday 15th May.

Read media release here