Update on Dementia Friendly walks in East Lothian

By Parvine Jazayeri

As we are going through some uncertain times, I thought it would be good if I shared some positive news with you all.

Over the past year, Ageing Well has been working very hard on a new project initiative – Dementia Friendly (DF) Walking. As most of you will already know, we run 10 Health Walks in East Lothian. To make our walks even more inclusive, we wanted to ensure everyone and anyone could access our walks. This was when Paths For All asked if we would be interested in introducing Dementia Friendly Walks – ofcourse I said yes. What does this mean? Basically, I have been through Cascade DF Walk Leader Training which has allowed me to train my Volunteer Walk Leaders. With more training, we have been able to adapt our walks, to ensure we are being inclusive. I have also had to create a Portfolio showcasing what we have done over the past year to grant us our accreditation. I have carried out consultations with DF groups, worked closely with new partners such as Alzheimer’s Scotland, worked closely with our Marketing Teams and so forth (the list goes on).

As you can see it has been a busy year but the hard work has paid off – we were awarded our accreditation this week!!! This is such a great achievement for the Ageing Well Project and we look to expand on this by have some Macmillan Move More Health Walks too.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this project, especially the Walk Leaders – we could not have done this without you!

I would be grateful if you could share this good news story and although our Health Walks may not be operating at the moment, I hope you are all able to find some time to enjoy a walk close to your home.

Thank you and stay safe.


Parvine Jazayeri | Ageing Well Co-ordinator

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