Coronavirus – Mental Welfare Commission advice for people using services and their family/carers (version 2, updated 6 May)

The Mental Welfare Commission has updated its advice on the coronavirus situation for people who use mental health, learning disability and dementia services and for their family or carers.

The advice offers guidance and contact information aimed at helping people address some of the challenges that the current restrictions on movement and work patterns can bring for people using services.

It recognises that lack of staff and social distancing has meant much of the routine care and treatment in the community has been reduced or stopped. 

It advises that there should still be an option for emergency contact with community mental health services even when appointments have been cancelled.

It gives information on current practice with visiting people in hospital or care homes, and discusses the new emergency legislation that is in place but has not yet come into use.

The advice gives a number of contacts for support and information, including contact information for the Commission’s own advice line.

Anyone who wishes to give feedback to the Commission on this advice, or make suggestions for any updates, can contact the Commission at:

A copy of the Advice Note can be found here

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