STRiVE/Volunteer Centre East Lothian – more small grants nominations wanted!

Maureen Allan writes…

Hello Folks

I’m not sure if you will remember but about a month ago I, as the TSI, was asked to nominate 20 organisations to receive an immediate small grant of £2k. Well, I have just received another email from SG to ask for up to 30 further nominations in our area to receive £2k. This is the information I have been given: 

(Please note that the organisations MUST be nominated by the TSI, if an organisation would like to be nominated all I need is for them to supply me with the following:

Name of Organisation, Contact Name, Email address & Phone Nos.)

  • In order to contact an organisation, Corra Foundation needs a current email address for them, so please make sure you include this in the information you provide. This will ensure organisations receive the information they need to access this funding as quickly as possible. 
  • Corra Foundation will check all nominated organisations against the list of those which have already been contacted as part of this programme, which included early awards by national funders. If organisations you nominate have already been contacted through that process they will not be contacted twice. However, organisations can also have an award (£5-100k) through the Wellbeing Fund Open Call fund, so any application they have made through the open application process will not affect their ability to access this immediate small grant. 
  • While the third sector organisations you nominate do not have to be constituted, awards will not be made to individuals. 
  • If any of the organisations you nominate do not have their own bank account, payment can still be made but it will take slightly longer because of the additional information that will be required to carry out the necessary due diligence checks. 
  • This funding is to provide immediate support to at-risk people who have been affected by Covid-19 and is not intended to pay for the longer-term work of organisations. 
  • Corra Foundation will follow up with every organisation funded through the Community Wellbeing Fund, so there is no need for you to do this. This post-award follow-up is being co-ordinated with the other partners who are involved in the fund. 
  • It is a requirement that we know where the grant will be spent. If it is to be spent in a location outside of the area registered by the organisation’s post-code, this must be detailed by the group when they respond to Corra Foundation.

Many thanks


Maureen Allan
Interim Chief Officer, STRiVE 
01875 615 423 
Mobile: 07947 795067
56 High Street, 
EH33 1HH

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