Lots of positive coverage in the Courier today!

Sadly, the article in the picture above is not in the online Courier, nor is the one about the MSK Phone Line, so it you want to see these articles in all their glory, buy a copy. 🙂 However, this is the gist of the articles.

  •  Hospital discharge system saves £300 per day
    A new Discharge to Assess (D2A) team is estimated to be saving NHS Lothian £300 a day by releasing hospital beds early. The team was launched three years ago by the ELHSCP and is continuing to get people home despite the lockdown.
  • Physio team tackle back pain with phone support line
    The ELHSCP physiotherapy team has launched a Musculoskeletal (MSK) phoneline to help residents struggling with back problems while face-to-face services are restricted.

It also ran with these articles, which you can see online:

Well done, everyone!

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