East Lothian Council is looking for SSSC-registered social work staff or GTCS-registered to act as temporary foster carers

From Emma Clater, Service Manager, Education and Children’s Services

We are seeking any SSSC-registered social work staff or teachers registered with the GTCS employed by East Lothian Council to be temporary foster carers for a short period.

We are looking for people with these registrations to welcome a child or young person in need into your home to love and care for them. The children and young people are often from backgrounds of trauma and require patience and nurturing at this difficult point in their lives. It is a hugely rewarding but challenging task.

The covid-19 pandemic has created difficulties for many families across East Lothian. This has placed a demand on our care services for children but also created the need for loving foster carers for children and young people. The Care Inspectorate have recognised this and has allowed any teachers currently registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), or social work staff registered with The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) to become temporary foster carers for a period up to 3 months.

We would ask anyone interested to undertake a short assessment, including other people living in your home, attend a fostering panel and then be available to provide a placement if needed. You will be provided with support from a social worker and a typical fostering fee.


We would love to hear from anyone who is interested, and would ask that you make contact with our duty fostering and adoption social worker on 01620 827 643.  If you have any further questions, please speak to us.       

Thank you,

Emma Clater
Service Manager
Education and Children’s Services

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