Beavering away for the Abbey

Laura Scott our Activities Co-ordinator at the Abbey has sent us this YouTube link from North Berwick Beavers.

The film was made by Beavers leader Laura Hill.

Laura says:

‘Beavers will now be sending us Origami Fish and we are creating an Under The Sea mural which these will be added to, with photos as we progress. Very pleased with this. 👍

‘The Great Indoors Badges are the Scouting Association’s response to enable them to stay engaged with their groups during the Covid pandemic. It fits in well with their regular community engagement themes because it encourages Beaver groups to find out about members of their community and how they have dealt with Covid.

‘And also, by kindly sending us origami fish, they are demonstrating a new skill they have learnt, to be used in our collaborative mural.’


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