Volunteer Centre East Lothian is recruiting for a Chief Officer

From Maureen Allan, Interim Chief Officer, Volunteer Centre East Lothian

Volunteer Centre East Lothian (VCEL) is the local Third Sector Interface supporting the growth of community organisations and volunteering in East Lothian.

We are seeking a Chief Officer committed to working on a locality basis with a strong track record in community capacity building and leading an organisation.

VCEL will play a key strategic role in local relationships and community planning working alongside communities, statutory partners and other agencies.

Our purpose is to support East Lothian’s communities to build their skills, confidence, knowledge and experience to take their ideas forward.

As we prepare to celebrate our 21st year, we are looking for a chief officer to take us back to our roots as an organisation made and shaped by our local community.

We are looking for a Chief Officer with a track record of making an impact for communities, with excellent communication, organisation and business skills.

To find out more about the Chief Officer Vacancy and apply , click here.