Wellbeing Wednesday from ELC

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Hello, how are you today? 

As we go through life we collect experiences. Some twinkly, some so-so and some pretty awful.

How we handle the bad ones,  if we deal with them at all, can impact us.  We might use them to build walls around ourselves, keeping all manner of things from coming too close for fear of being hurt again. They might become part of our identity in a way that holds us back, or diminish who we see when we look in the mirror. Building walls keeps the good stuff out too. Carrying baggage becomes tiring.

You are brighter, lighter, bigger, and better than those experiences. You are richer, warmer, kinder, bolder. These experiences make up the fabric of your life but they’re not who you are. You are more – always, always, always.  You are so much more and you deserve better.

So if you need to make amends, forgive yourself, be guided and supported to work through the hurts, remove yourself from unhealthy relationships, put things to rest or whatever it is you need to do to feel lighter, please do it with help. Give yourself a chance to move on towards a more twinkly future.  You may want to try the Feeling Good NHS phone app or Living Life to the Full course.  Both free and highly recommended.