UK Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidance for the remobilisation of health and care services

The Scottish Government’s Chief Nursing Officer has issued a letter following the publication of UK-wide IPC guidance for the remobilisation of health and care services on Friday 21 August 2020.

The guidance has been issued jointly by Department of Health and Social Care, Health Protection Scotland, Public Health Scotland, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, Public Health England and NHS England.

Wellbeing Wednesday from ELC

From East Lothian Council Email Alert

Hello, how are you today? 

As we go through life we collect experiences. Some twinkly, some so-so and some pretty awful.

How we handle the bad ones,  if we deal with them at all, can impact us.  We might use them to build walls around ourselves, keeping all manner of things from coming too close for fear of being hurt again. They might become part of our identity in a way that holds us back, or diminish who we see when we look in the mirror. Building walls keeps the good stuff out too. Carrying baggage becomes tiring.

You are brighter, lighter, bigger, and better than those experiences. You are richer, warmer, kinder, bolder. These experiences make up the fabric of your life but they’re not who you are. You are more – always, always, always.  You are so much more and you deserve better.

So if you need to make amends, forgive yourself, be guided and supported to work through the hurts, remove yourself from unhealthy relationships, put things to rest or whatever it is you need to do to feel lighter, please do it with help. Give yourself a chance to move on towards a more twinkly future.  You may want to try the Feeling Good NHS phone app or Living Life to the Full course.  Both free and highly recommended. 

COSLA Elected Members Bulletin 26 August 2020

From Stephanie McCourt at COSLA

The Headlines…

  • Scotland remains in Phase 3 of the route map out of lockdown.
  • Foreign travel health rules have been extended.
  • A fund to tackle child poverty, the Scottish Child Payment, has been announced by the Scottish Government.
  • Programmes to help raise the attainment of care experienced young people are to benefit from £11.6 million of funding.
  • Funding to deploy low carbon heat in existing social housing has been fast-tracked to support Scotland’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full bulletin here.

Job Vacancy – School Counsellors x 4 (East Lothian)

School Counsellors x 4 (East Lothian) 35 hours per week. Salary £30,473 – £32,260.

The posts are funded for an initial fixed term until 31st March 2023 (This is a three year agreement with the option of 2 additional periods of 1 year extensions). Based in Dalkeith.

The postholders will be responsible for providing counselling with children and young people aged 10-18 who reside in East Lothian. The postholders will assist in establishing, developing, delivering, evaluating and reporting on, the School Counselling service.

Get an application form and more details here.

Schools contract awarded with good mental health in mind

By Joanne Allen, East Lothian Council Communciations Adviser


East Lothian Council has awarded Midlothian Young Peoples Advice Service (MYPAS) a three-year contract to deliver a school counselling services for 10-18 year olds who live in East Lothian.

Counsellors will support children, young people and families to improve their mental health and wellbeing. They will provide a safe space for people to talk about their difficulties and help them find their own ways of addressing concerns. The service will include specialist play or art-based methods for primary school children over 10-years, weekly walk-in sessions for young people in secondary schools and the ability to offer services out with school hours. Referrals will be prioritised for care experienced children and young people, and family counselling will be available for a small number of cases.

Funding was provided by the Scottish Government to cover the three-year contract, which was awarded following a competitive tendering process.

MYPAS is an award-wining charitable organisation based in Dalkeith which already provides a Drugs and Alcohol support service and an LGBT+ support service for East Lothian’s young people. As part of the new contract with East Lothian Council, substance abuse centers long beach– it will work closely with schools, Education and Children’s Services, CAMHS and the third sector to ensure a planned and coordinated approach. The work is a key part of a wider drive by the East Lothian Children’s Strategic Partnership to improve mental health and wellbeing for our children and young people. With the help of drug rehab long island such drug addiction problems can be prevented further.

Cabinet member for Education and Children’s Services Councillor Shamin Akhtar said: “I am very pleased to see this specialist service available through our schools which will be of great benefit. Good mental health and wellbeing is essential for the learning and development of our children and young people”.

“This service will offer children and young people the opportunity to deal with any issues they are facing in a confidential and supportive way. MYPAS will work closely together with our schools to offer mental health awareness sessions for S3 pupils, and support our staff and partners to develop professionally in this field. This approach will continue our work to create an open culture and healthy conversations around mental health and wellbeing.” To turn into a new leaf and start afresh after a drug incident, going to drug rehab west palm beach is a good start.

Dave Evans, Chief Executive of MYPAS said: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract from East Lothian Council. It is recognised that children and young people’s mental health is a priority in East Lothian and the School Counselling service will form a key part of multi-agency developments to address this priority. We are keen for the new service to integrate with the other services that MYPAS already provides in East Lothian and to build on them to provide a truly holistic health and wellbeing service”

MYPAS has begun a recruitment campaign for additional trained counsellors able to deliver services in East Lothian.

 More information on MYPAS is available at

PETAL Support for people affected by loss

PETAL Support a is a charity working through out Scotland with people affected by murder, homicide and suicide.  During the coronavirus pandemic, the charity have extended support to families and partners bereaved by COVID19.

They have recently produced two new leaflets.

Action to tackle child poverty

Image result for social security scotland

From Phil O’Kane, Social Security Scotland

The Scottish Child Payment is a new benefit being introduced early in 2021. It will provide a vital source of income to families with young children and further supports the principles of the Scottish social security system to invest in the people of Scotland, to tackle poverty and to maximise the take up of benefits across Scotland.

There will be more detail to follow in the coming weeks and months, nonetheless I would be grateful if you could raise the awareness of the process outlined below to ensure all those who are entitled are in the best position possible to claim the benefit when the application process opens.

More information here.

Care Inspectorate report to the Scottish Parliament on inspections

The Care Inspectorate has laid before the Scottish Parliament a report of inspections it has carried out in care services in the past two weeks.

This report covers inspections completed since the previous report submitted to Parliament on 5 August.

In order to robustly assess the arrangements put in place by care services to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Care Inspectorate inspections place a particular focus on infection prevention and control, personal protective equipment and staffing in care settings.   

This enables inspectors to focus on these areas while also considering the overall quality of care and impact on people’s wellbeing.   

The Parliamentary report is in addition to the normal process of publishing full inspection reports.   

For each care service inspected, inspection reports will be published by the Care Inspectorate in due course. 

To meet the timescales imposed by legislation, the report to Parliament outlines high-level findings following oral feedback to care providers.  

In due course and following normal publication protocols, the Care Inspectorate will publish more detailed individual reports on each inspection.

The report is available here: