Meet Jenny Coffield, our Strategy Officer secondment

Jenny says:

‘I have worked in Adult Wellbeing in East Lothian Council for over 8 years; initially in the role of Drug and Alcohol Social Worker before moving into the role of Social Worker in Mental Health Team and finally into my most recent role as Mental Health Officer for the past four years.

‘Most of my training and experience over the past four to six years has centred around Mental Health legislation and policy and good practice guidance, for example in relation to ethics, deprivation of liberty and rights based approaches.

‘During lockdown I have been keeping busy by cooking, baking, going for daily walks and decorating my new home. I also have my own garden for the first time so I hope to develop my gardening skills, which are pretty non-existent at the moment!

‘Over the next 6 months I am looking forward to branching out from Mental Health; applying my experience and knowledge I have gained from this work to other areas of Adult Social Work and developing new skills, knowledge and experience in other areas.’

Jenny’s contact details are:

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