Restrictive practices and cyber-crime in today’s Care Inspectorate update

Supporting improvement in the use of restrictive practices

The Care Inspectorate aspires to people experiencing person-led, outcome-focused care that respects their rights, and reflects the Health and Social Care Standards and recommendations from the Independent Care Review. We work collaboratively with organisations and the care sector to share good practice and support and spread improvement and innovation around Scotland.

We are a member of the Scottish Network for Reduction of Restrictive Practices (SNRRP). The SNRRP recognises that the use of restrictive practices with vulnerable people presents a systemic challenge and needs cross-sector, whole-system collaboration. Its aim is to eliminate the misuse of restrictive practices in Scotland as far as possible and ensure that when used, it is done safely and in a culture of openness and transparency with respect for people’s human rights. 

We are also a member of the Scottish Physical Restraint Action Group (SPRAG).  This aspires to bring about more effective, empathic, loving ways of holding children, young people and the adults who care for them in the residential child care sector. The aim is to offer relationally rich environments, populated by adults equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge and ways of being with children. If you would like to join the SPRAG, please contact or

Sign up for the CyberScotland bulletin

The Cyber Resilience COVID-19 Bulletin was set up to provide guidance relating to scams during the pandemic. The Scottish Government now plans to adapt the bulletin to cover a greater scope of cyber security and cyber resilience topics. The bulletin will continue to provide information about the latest threats, scams, news and updates.

The next CyberScotland Bulletin will be available on a new website from 1 October 2020. If you would like to receive these, you can subscribe to the CyberScotland mailing list.