New guidance on repurposing medicines during COVID-19

The Care Inspectorate and NHS Scotland have produced updated guidance for care homes and hospices on repurposing prescription medicines during the pandemic.

Our fortnightly report to the Scottish Parliament

Under the duties placed on us by the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act, we report to the Scottish Parliament fortnightly on our inspections activity. 

In order to robustly assess the arrangements put in place by care services to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our inspections place a particular focus on infection prevention and control, personal protective equipment and staffing in care settings.  This enables us to focus on these areas while also considering the overall quality of care and people’s wellbeing.  The reports we lay before Parliament are in addition to our normal process of publishing full inspection reports, which we will publish in due course. 

The report laid before the Scottish Parliament on 16 September is here.