Definitely a hit!

The Abbey Care Home thanks relatives and the community for successfully raising funds for their juke box

A couple of weeks ago, ELHSCP’s Abbey Care Home featured a juke box as part of their 50s Week celebrations.

Kayreen Jones, Manager at The Abbey says:

‘We had a juke box on loan from Fair City Amusements as part of our celebration. This gave so much enjoyment to our residents, for whom dancing and singing to the juke box brought back many good memories from times past. There was a lot of fun and laughter and it helped all of us to keep fit and get in some good daily exercise. It made such a positive difference that we asked Fair City Amusements to sell it to us and they agreed.

‘So, my colleague Deborah Hamilton set up a Go Fund Me page to see if people would make a donation to the Residents Welfare Fund to help us buy it. This is a separate fund which was established by The Abbey solely to support activities that benefit residents. It is entirely separate from our mainstream funding that covers the day-to-day running of The Abbey.

‘We have been totally blown away by the generosity of our staff, residents’ families and members of the community for their juke-box donations. We raised a total of £3,148 on Go Fund Me and £230 in cash donations in one week! I cannot thank them all enough.’

East Lothian IJB Chair Councillor Fiona O’Donnell adds:

‘I think this is just brilliant and just shows what amazing community spirit surrounds The Abbey. The juke box is such a good idea and must stimulate lots of wonderful memories. It’s a great contribution to the health and wellbeing of everyone at The Abbey. When the visiting restrictions allow, I am really keen to see the juke box, residents and staff in action.

‘I’d just like to echo all that Kayreen has said about people’s generosity too and thank her and her team for being so creative in supporting residents and families to keep cheerful in these very difficult times.’

COSLA Elected Members’ Briefing

Key messages

  • New moves to stop COVID-19 spread. The First Minister announced further measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 last Wednesday (October 7).
  • The temporary measures – outlined here – came into effect on Friday (October 9). The guidance for sport and leisure facilities has also been updated to reflect the latest position.
  • An evidence paper from the Scottish Government’s senior clinical advisers summing up evidence on infection trends, confirmed cases, hospital use and deaths, and how these vary across Scotland, can be found here.
  • A new National Transition Training Fund was launched by Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop on Thursday (October 8). The fund will help people aged 25 and over who have lost their jobs or who are at risk of redundancy as a result of COVID-19 to develop the skills required to move into sectors with the greatest potential for future growth and job opportunities.

See full briefing here.

Local government has reduced the worst impacts of Covid for the most vulnerable, says COSLA

By intervening, Local Government has reduced the worst impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for the most vulnerable in our communities, COSLA said today (Wednesday).

COSLA also said that this is why their recently launched Blueprint outlines the lead role of Local Government in securing a fair and inclusive recovery with a strong focus on human rights, tackling poverty and addressing inequalities.

Commenting, COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson Councillor Kelly Parry said:  “The tireless work of Council staff in dealing with COVID-19 has been an essential service to our communities in recent months.   

“By intervening, we have reduced the worst impacts of the pandemic for the most vulnerable in our communities.  Our Blueprint outlines the lead role of Local Government in securing a fair and inclusive recovery with a strong focus on human rights, tackling poverty and addressing inequalities. As we recover, those with lived experience and those who are at risk of being left behind need to be empowered to help redesign local services.  

“The pandemic has underlined the need for a social safety net which no one can fall through.  Understanding how the pandemic has impacted, for instance from within my own portfolio at COSLA, women and children at risk of abuse is a key part of ensuring people are safe and supported – something I feel really strongly about.  

“We also need to reduce disadvantage from an early age, to end the disruptive affects that engagement with the youth and community justice systems cause, particularly when it ends in secure accommodation and high prison rates.

“Local Government is the anchor in supporting our communities. We will continue to meet the challenges of the pandemic, while re-building local services through an ambitious vision for Scotland’s future.” 

David J Kennedy
Head of Media and Communication
T: 07788452710
Twitter:  @COSLA