16 Days of Activism – help to put an end to gender-based violence

Every year, countries across the world come together to hold events and campaigns designed to make people aware of the terrible impacts of gender-based violence on everyone who is living with it.

16 Days of Activism, which runs from 25 November to 10 December, shares information about these impacts through events, videos, podcasts and case studies. Hearing from people living with gender-based violence, their children and their wider family and friends should make us all more aware what violence means, recognise the signs and be able to help.

Gender-based violence isn’t always physical. Living with someone who tries to control you or make you do things you don’t want to; being constantly undermined; not being able to access household money and earnings – these are all forms of abusive behaviour too.

IJB Chair, Councillor Fiona O’Donnell says:

‘East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership is fully supportive of the 16 Days of Action and we’ll be sharing information on social media throughout to raise awareness of the campaign.

‘The United Nations says that there has been a spike in domestic violence reporting across the world during the pandemic. I am sorry to say that we are also aware of a rise in reports in East Lothian. No doubt there will be factors driving this increase but there is never a justification for gender-based violence, whatever the circumstances. It damages health and wellbeing, limits people’s freedom and potential, and is a fundamental violation of human rights.

‘I think we all have a duty to be aware of gender-based violence and not to shy away when we know it is going on. I know it’s not easy but it is only by acknowledging that it’s happening, and that it’s not a just private matter between couples and in families, that we can start to put an end to it.

‘Gender-based violence is never acceptable. Please participate in the 16 Days of Action in any way that you can.’

Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation Staff Wellbeing Spaces

From Owen Siddalls, Grants Manager, Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation

Please see the link below for info re ELHF funding to create permanent wellbeing spaces at work where you and your colleagues can rest, relax and recharge.

Whilst the larger staffed sites (specifically Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Royal Hospital for Sick Children/Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, St John’s Hospital and  Western General Hospital) are working with us about the funding process in a slightly different way, the process described in the weblink below is for all other sites regardless of location or size.

Ideas are to be submitted via the Expression of Interest Form (https://www.elhf.co.uk/grant-seekers/small-grants/expression-of-interest-staff-wellbeing-spaces/) and we are working closely with the HWL Leads on this one so contact the relevant HWL lead (http://intranet.lothian.scot.nhs.uk/StaffRoom/StaffHealthAndWellbeing/Pages/East-and-Midlothian-CHP.aspx) for your area.

If you have any further questions, we can chat on Microsoft Teams.


Owen Siddalls

Grants Manager
Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation
Waverley Gate
2-4 Waterloo Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EG
M:07971 536855

On the Goat Trail at Tynebank

Tynebank Resource Centre submitted an application to Made in East Lothian Arts Hub to decorate one of the twelve full size, fibre glass goats for the Haddington Goat Trail. Tynebank was chosen by an independent panel of judges, and their very talented DSO Hannah McIlhinney, created the design, and has been working with people at Tynebank for the past four weeks, decorating their fab goat.

Hannah’s design was called ‘Seasons Under the John Knox Oak Tree’, a commemorative tree marking the birth place of John Knox, which grows in the back garden of Tynebank Resource Centre. Hannah incorporated all the seasons and symbols of the groups that service-users participate in whilst at Tynebank daily, including music, arts, crafts, and sensory.

Service users have been painting all of this and adding their painted handprints, in autumn colours all over the legs of the goat. Billy (unanimous name choice of all concerned) will return to Made Arts Hub this week, and will shortly go on display as part of Haddington Goat in locations around the town.

Ecas Grants Fund – now accepting applications

From Janice Todd, Administrator, Ecas

Ecas has been providing friendly and practical support to people with physical disabilities since 1902. One of our core services is the provision of grants to assist individuals to meet increased costs associated with their disability across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We are pleased to announce that, after a temporary suspension, we are now in a position to welcome new applications with immediate effect.

Grants are open to physically disabled people of all ages and, subject to certain exclusions, can be for anything not covered by statutory sectors. We are open all year round for new applications and have a maximum turnaround time of 8 weeks. Please see our website www.ecas.scot/grants for further information, including exclusions, eligibility criteria and amounts you can apply for.

I have enclosed a copy of the application form and our promotional leaflet. Please feel free to circulate this information as widely as possible with colleagues and anyone else who you think may benefit from submitting an application.

If you require further information, please call the Ecas office on 07500 221618 or email hello@ecas.scot


Janice Todd
0131 475 2344 | 07500 221618
www.ecas.scot | janice@ecas.scot
Ecas, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY

New Community Link Worker Service to launch in January

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP) has commissioned three third-sector organisations – Penumbra, Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) and We Are With You – to deliver a Community Links Worker service. The service will support all people accessing Primary Care services across East Lothian. Each organisation will be responsible for their own specified areas of the county.

Community Link Workers use a social-prescribing approach to working with people aged 18 and over. They support individuals to look at what matters of them, and help support them to connect with their local community resources in way that will help them reach their identified health and well-being goals. Individuals are able to seek help for a broad range of needs, for example, if they are feeling lonely, or having money worries.

GP practices and ELHSCP primary care staff will be able to refer people to this new service from early in 2021.

IJB Chair Councillor Fiona O’Donnell says:

‘It’s great to be able to launch our new Community Links Worker service, particularly now when concerns and worries stemming from the pandemic are affecting so many people.

‘The appointments were made on the back of a tendering process that involved consultation with patients, communities and practitioners, and also learnings from our previous extended pilot at four practices in East Lothian. We think we have come up with a service that takes account of what people have told us and will deliver high quality community-based services.

‘Penumbra and RVS already have a number of services operating in East Lothian. We Are With You has a proven track record of delivering a high quality Community Links Worker service in Glasgow and is already building its East Lothian networks.

‘I am very excited about what the Community Links Worker Service will be able to do for patients whose problems aren’t just medical – and that’s a lot of patients. I think Community Links Workers are going to make a real contribution to improving health and wellbeing in East Lothian.’

Dr Jo Smail, GP at Tranent Medical Centre adds:

‘Its wonderful news that all adults in East Lothian will have access to a Community Links Worker (CLW) from January 2021.

‘The expansion of the CLW programme was one of the aims of our local Primary Care Improvement Plan and it’s very exciting to see this coming to fruition. The CLWs will help people access community resources that will support them to live well. They will be an extremely valuable asset particularly as people continue to face the multiple challenges of living through a pandemic.

‘GP practices are looking forward to working closely with the three Provider organisations Penumbra, RVS and We Are With You as the new CLWs start supporting our communities.’

Want to apply?

Penumbra Community Links Worker recruitment is underway. Find out more at https://bit.ly/3pm8UZF

RVS Community Links Worker recruitment is underway. Find out more at https://bit.ly/35BcZkP

We Are With You Community Links Worker recruitment is underway. Find out more at https://bit.ly/35EJ9Ms

Five things … coffee table books

Each week we in East Lothian Libraries are going to bring you five books, five ideas or five web pages. Five of anything really!

If you have any ideas you would like us to include then please get in touch by emailing aslibraries@eastlothian.gov.uk

There are times when even the most dedicated reader can’t be bothered with a book (yes, really). There are times when it feels like too much of an effort to absorb anything and you end up laying on the sofa getting frustrated scrolling through your smart TV apps and – hey presto – half a Sunday afternoon has gone by!

In these moments we recommend a really great coffee table book! A coffee table book is refreshing downtime out of your day – a breath of fresh air, blow the cobwebs away kind of book. A coffee table book is for when you want to flick through some pages, browse and admire the pictures and just escape for a while.

The Home Edit Life

This book accompanies the trending Netflix show on how to organise your house, your work and everything in between. It is a sumptuous book with beautiful pictures that make us want to reorganise the library shelves in rainbow colour order.  

A home book you can immerse yourself in without pressure. Learning how to organise your sequins in your closet alongside your vintage Chanel – whilst also planning summer outfits for next year in the Hamptons (I saw all that in one Netflix episode and nearly spilt my coffee). It is perfect escapism.

You may get a few tips for the home but remember this is mostly about no pressure browsing through the pages. Available to borrow from East Lothian libraries.

What’s not to love about seasonal baking books?

The Primrose Bakery at Christmas is one of our favourites.

Get a warm hug-in-a-mug hot chocolate, a cosy blanket, pop on a guilty secret made for TV Christmas movie and flick through the pages of this baking treasure trove and dream about all the things you’re going to bake for the big day.

It doesn’t matter if you make them or not but if you do, be sure to send the Library team some pictures of your bakes and tag us on social media.

PressReader app

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat but we couldn’t leave it out, as there is just so much on it.

First of all this is chill time so keep the huge range of newspapers for another time.

Coffee table books (even if they are digital ones) are all about taking a break and PressReader gives plenty of chances for that.

You don’t have to be into upcycling, knitting, sewing or DIY to enjoy a good home styling book.

Home styling

All the information you need to download PressReader for free is here

Again it’s about total escapism and what could be more escapist than learning how to arrange peonies in a 1970s style milk bottle to sit on a white painted car tyre fashioned into a coffee table…or something like that.

Enjoy a range of home styling books from the library, reserve online or book an appointment at your local library to browse.


Hear me out. I used to have a poetry face. I would turn my head to the side, pull a half smile and say through gritted teeth, “Oh that was nice.”

But then I went to hear some spoken word poetry by the incredible Liz Lochhead.


I was mesmerised and so I’m putting poetry on the coffee table.

Poetry is so good for dipping in and out of, read one poem or read twenty and quite literally be transported somewhere amazing.    

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first instalment.

Look out for more very soon!

Public Sector Equalities Duty outcomes

The Equality Act 2010 requires all public bodies (such as councils and the health service) to publish equality outcomes at least every four years. Equality outcomes aim to achieve specific and identifiable improvements in people’s life chances, eliminate discrimination and foster good relations. The video above shows you what is being covered.

Working in partnership – East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, Edinburgh, West Lothian and Midlothian Councils (including their education authorities and Midlothian’s licensing board), NHS Lothian and Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership have developed a set of draft equality themes and outcomes. These are based on research and evidence from different sources and on conversations with services and organisations that work to help and support people.

Each organisation will ultimately be responsible for their own outcomes and action plan. However, we hope to identify common outcomes that we can work on together. There may also be opportunities for us to work towards the same equality theme but focus on different actions to achieve it, depending on our differing remits, geographies, resources and your feedback. 

We want people with a variety of life and personal experiences to share their thoughts on the draft themes and outcomes. Your views will help shape and influence the development of the final outcomes and help us to agree actions that can make a difference to people’s lives.

Please help us get the word out

We need to hear from as many people as possible, so please give us your views and share with the groups that you work with. If you would like to use Facebook to share, you will find the necessary post at https://www.facebook.com/ELHSCP

Please give us your views