On the Goat Trail at Tynebank

Tynebank Resource Centre submitted an application to Made in East Lothian Arts Hub to decorate one of the twelve full size, fibre glass goats for the Haddington Goat Trail. Tynebank was chosen by an independent panel of judges, and their very talented DSO Hannah McIlhinney, created the design, and has been working with people at Tynebank for the past four weeks, decorating their fab goat.

Hannah’s design was called ‘Seasons Under the John Knox Oak Tree’, a commemorative tree marking the birth place of John Knox, which grows in the back garden of Tynebank Resource Centre. Hannah incorporated all the seasons and symbols of the groups that service-users participate in whilst at Tynebank daily, including music, arts, crafts, and sensory.

Service users have been painting all of this and adding their painted handprints, in autumn colours all over the legs of the goat. Billy (unanimous name choice of all concerned) will return to Made Arts Hub this week, and will shortly go on display as part of Haddington Goat in locations around the town.

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